Tales of King. Who became the new enemy of Putin

Putin accused the President of Turkey, in cooperation with the IGIL
Putin accused the President of Turkey, in cooperation with the IGIL

The Russian President's appeal to the Federal Assembly has become an exercise in samogipnozu by the unable to update the autocracy

In the Thursday 3 December at noon, Vladimir Putin entered through a giant Golden doors in the Kremlin's St. George Hall shining where it expected more than 1,000 top officials of Russia, to hear about the current status of the State during the annual addresses of the President of the Federal Assembly.

"Russia is at war with terrorists, and this war can be won only by combining with other world powers," Putin said. The betrayal of false friends, he said, will never be forgotten. And only in unity with the people of the country overcome the economic challenges it is facing.

"Russia has long been at the forefront of the fight against terror. It is a struggle for freedom, truth and justice. For the life of the people and the future of civilization as a whole, he said. -Russia in combating terrorism demonstrated the utmost responsibility and its leadership ".

He reiterated his proposal for the establishment of a broad coalition against the Islamic State, stated for the first time at a Summit of the UN General Assembly in September. He scolded Turkey for downed Russian plane near the Syrian border, warning that the Kremlin's response to such a "heinous war crime" will not be limited to the imposition of an embargo on Turkish tomatoes or construction companies.

This year, Putin did not mention Ukraine never

Little in the speech of the Russian President was new or surprising. More eloquently said something he did not mention.

Last accessed Putin devoted glorious annexation of the Crimea and unceasing struggle against American hegemony. This year, he did not mention about Ukraine.

In the Hall was attended by widows of two Russian soldiers killed in the incident with the downed Su-24, and Putin observed a minute of silence in their memory. When the dead soldiers during the covert war the Kremlin in Eastern Ukraine nobody officially never acknowledged.

From the point of view of Putin, the dismemberment of Ukraine is no longer a priority. Torn by internal squabbles and rapidly losing popularity of the pro-Western Government in Kiev can destroy itself. A piece of Eastern Ukraine is under the full control of Russia supported separatists. If the Kremlin will become an indispensable partner in the fight against the IGIL, the EU will be more difficult to extend sanctions in connection with the aggression by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION in Ukraine.

In the course of his statement, Putin only once poked their noses Americans indirectly calling the United States the instigator of lawlessness that engulfed the greater Middle East. "We know why it happened," he said. -Know who wanted to displace unwanted regimes flagrantly impose their rules.

Even Montenegro into NATO's invitation, issued this week, not provoked Putin. It is difficult to fight with Western civilization, arguing that trying to save her.

Although the main enemy of Putin called "international terrorism" is itself an Islamic State, he did not mention, as and other terrorist groups. A casual listener might think that enemy for Russia, in fact, is a Turkey.

Putin once remembered about the Russian passenger plane in October vzorvavšemsâ in the sky over Egypt, killing 224 people, terrorist attack, responsibility for which has committed itself to the Islamic State. He also said nothing about the video released by militants suspected IGIL demonstrates bezglavlivanie "Russian spy."

Instead, Putin focused their anger on Turkey, saying that "the ruling clique of the country ordered to shoot Russian pilots. "We know who in Turkey fills your pocket and make terrorists on oil sales of looted in Syria," he said. In Russia's Defence Minister Wednesday said that there was evidence that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family profited from shady trade Islamic State oil.

Putin noted that all differences can be resolved peacefully, thereby implying that Russia not raised would be such a buzz around the oil trade with terrorists if Turkey did not hit their bomber. Probably only Allah knows why they did it, "added the head of the Kremlin to the applause.

After praising Russia's struggle with the global evil, Putin returned to more mundane matters, namely, the State of the Russian economy in the conditions of low prices on the oil market and the preservation of Western sanctions. "The situation is really complicated, but it is mentioned about it, I repeat is not critical," he said.

Then listed a number of measures to reform the economy, which generally coincide with his own words 10 years ago: ending dependence on natural resources, the fight against corruption, improve the investment climate. "Set up a free trade zone with Vietnam, Putin noted proudly. -Russia could become the largest global provider of "healthy, environmentally friendly, high-quality food.

Putin was more than half an hour. Thanks to the airwaves of State first channel you may have noticed that many officials in the Hall sit with eyes closed. No one dared to write messages or whisper with a neighbor. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin speaker struggled with fatigue, tarascha eyes, from which they were round like saucers. One of those attending scratched the ears with both hands.

Interested in reality in a State Russians was important to hear whether Putin will say something about a mounting protest truckers, angry new charges. But nothing like that happened.

Meticulous Russian anti-corruption Alexei Navalny has previously published a detailed investigation, accusing the family of the General Prosecutor Yuri Chayka links with the mafia. On this occasion, Putin also said nothing-however, the first channel showed a close-up of a stone face of Seagulls when the President read a notation about the need for disclosure of income and property.

Present in the St George Hall had been forced to listen to tales of the King, even if they hardly represent the challenges facing Russia. Putin's speech turned into an exercise in samogipnozu by the unable to update the autocracy. Last year, it fought against the fascists and legions of NATO, and this is against terrorists and their supporters. Next year it will need a new enemy.

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