"The Caliphate? Bait is for fools! "


For that fight. Who and how to recruit fighters. As they are. Who preaches and how does it affect Russia. Elena ELENA MILASHINA was able to meet with involved in this war

MSU sophomore Barbara karaulova, made an unsuccessful attempt to escape the war in Syria, has done a great job. Thanks to her country finally turned from Ukraine and learned that the Russians long ago, massively and actively participate in another alien war. With the 2011 year hundreds, if not thousands of our citizens: men and women, Muslims from birth and converts to Islam, educated and not very, professionals and laborers, the well-off and the poor, Caucasus militants hiding and fighting with them policemen — families with children go to the country, where a devastating civil war between the Government and the opposition; between Alawites (followers of Shiite Islam) and radical Sunni groups. We have just heard a terrible acronym — IGIL, an organization banned on the territory of Russia. But the IGIL is just one of the many factions of Islamists in Syria and Iraq, even the most brutal and effective. Meanwhile, of the criminal cases that were instituted against returning from the Syrian war (and for 4 years I managed to get by, and reverse flow), interesting fact: our citizens find themselves not only in the IGIL — but also in opposing him grouping. One of such groups — Tehran-Al-Muhadžrin-Val-Ansar — originally was formed from the citizens of the former USSR. It is the fight came from our Caucasian underground, mainly Chechens and dagestanis. Russia, however, this organization is not officially considered a terrorist. Yes, and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the IGIL only December 29, 2014 years.

Russia is not a late reaction. Russia pursues other objectives.

In April, the Russian President said: "for us, of course, a direct threat from IGILa No. That and our citizens there causes us concern. " And after a couple of months the father of student Karaulovoj put in the ears of the entire country, used all his connections to save his daughter. And barely saved her from a criminal case on "terrorist" article 208.

The case of Barbara Karaulovoj clearly indicated: the withdrawal of the Russian citizens for the war in Syria is a problem solely by citizens themselves and their relatives. Russian secret services control this process from the very beginning, do not interfere and Moreover, contributed to the outflow. Threat to national security only in those who tries with this war to return.

Abnormal area. Novosasitli Village



The village of Khasavyurtovsky district, Novosasitli, Dagestan. Only from this village with 2011 in Syria went to fight 22 people, including three women. For the village, inhabited by a total of 2500 people, this very much. For comparison: of raspiraemogo patriotism polutoramillionnogo Ekaterinburg in Donbass have left about 500 people. Now Yekaterinburg is booming across the country.

Five sasitlincev from among the retired Syria — died. Returned too five, they all become defendants in criminal cases brought by h. 2 tbsp. 208 of the CRIMINAL CODE: "participation in armed gangs on the territory of a foreign State in a manner contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation".

Chapter Novosasitli Ahmedovičem Ah″âdom Abdullayev village I meet late in the evening. In a two-story administration building burning one window and never closes the door: it simply no Castle. Here and there is nothing to steal, and the village is Orthodox, that cases of theft during the years that works, does not recall having Ah″âd head. "I've basically just serious article — 205-I (terrorism) and 208-I (participation in illegal armed bandformirovanii)," lists your worries Ah″âd.

Under the lit window … local escaped yesterday resident Novosasitlej. He has delivered arms and made turnout their guilt, and "forest" sent an ultimatum: pay a fine or go back to war in Syria, not live. The guy does not know what to do. That's karaulit Ah″âda Abdullayev, who utrâsaet the conflicts between the inhabitants of his village, which is in the forest, the inhabitants of his village, who from "forest" suffer, and law enforcers who all sasitlincev considered bandits. In 2010-m Ah″âd on elections of the head of the village administration scored 91.4 per cent of the vote. Upfront. If the election were held today, I think the result would have been even more impressive.

The villagers Novosasitli — descendants of immigrants from the old Sasitlej, the village, located like an Eagle's nest, on a spur of the East ridge of the Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of more than 3000 meters. Avoidant, from which grew the fate. Novosasitli, believes Ah″âd Ahmedovich appears in force exclusive religiosity sasitlincev they still carefully preserve, pass on from generation to generation. In 1944 year sasitlincev rounded up and forced from the mountains occupy empty houses of Chechens deported to Kazakhstan. Sasitlincy resettled mainly in mountainous areas of Chechnya (Vedeno). I must say, the conditions for life in the mountainous Chechnya were simply Royal compared to harsh motherland sasitlincev. Nevertheless, 57, when Chechens were returning from deportation, sasitlincy and voluntarily withdrew from other people's houses. "It's not our land and not our homes," said village head with apparent pride for their parents. We left without taking anything. We did the Shariah, Shariah because we did not have the right to live there.

Guided by Shariah sasitlincy founded a village on the plain in the Hasavûrtovskom area. At the entrance to the village gate used to stand, as if conducting border between Russian legal space and the Shariah. The gate was demolished enraged police officers. Now most employees in the rural shop will not sell even tap water on a hot day. So the police here, essentially, no. In the past district feared and now simply does not come, the village head and laughs with self-criticism podkupaûŝej clear accents. -On the level of the terrorist threat we third after Gimrov and Balahani.

Required explanation: Dagestani Novosasitli as Gimry, and Balahani, as well as the famous "kadarskij triangle", from the point of view of its relationship with the State is indeed anomalous area, headache for security services. The local population almost entirely — "Salafis" and "Wahhabis". While surrounding villages live where quieter. The problem these villages worth so acute that in Dagestan even attempted to pull Salafism conditional legal field: at the official level, talking about that no it's not an extremist current in Islam and so a valid spin off. But novosasitlinskih police, as we see these theological assumptions did not soothe. However, the absence of police does not affect measured village life. The functions of investigation and trial here perform ourselves. 20 years already, the law governs the Syariah Court ("sofa"), in which choose 30 representatives of the world's most respected families. The penalty, which defines "sofa," sticks. More recently, the odnosel′čaninu, who tried to kidnap odnosel′čanku with the aim of marrying, gave 20 sticks.

Ah″âd also participates in the meetings of the "sofa", although, from the point of view of their fellow believers, it is impure Muslim, as is the municipal office. However, no one here Ah″âdu makes no claims, not only because it is already seven months he receives no salary (money in the district budget). But because he is the conductor between the extremist village and hostile to it by the State.

While I smoke on the porch, Ah″âd at my request lists at the Syrian war. Sasitlincy started their hike in 2011. In Syria, even a squad of sasitlincev alone. Everyone who left the village head knows by name and thoroughly. One after another, followed by a brief but comprehensive in its accuracy "ob″ektivki".

"Magomed Anyčev. Gone to Syria because he son studied there. The son of a retired father fight Muhammad was unable to pull the son died. Magomed here circles did wife crazy at all. Well, he went to Syria to look for the son fought, at least the Tomb to see it. As a result, no hands home arrived.

Tagirov. He studied in Syria, gone to war directly from the University. We have at all in the village, many children attended Syrian religious establishments. This factor played a role, of course.

Woman Revile. She left with her husband and two sons. One of her sons siloviki hunted, he took out his passport and went to Syria. The family went for him. All the men she killed Juli there remained.

Arun. This unfortunate boy mom. She had two more daughters. She married daughters issued, the son of the only house built. And he takes and goes to Syria. And then there's his kill. 17 years old boy. Family secure, mother was a wonderful, marry his wishes. What he had?

Abdulkadyrov. He fought here in the Woods, something like we have it dragged through the FSB, but cops on the tail sat down. Then gunmen boarded at the tail. Caught the guy and left for Syria. It turns out that the ones that others have put it before the fact can only live in the war.

Shamil Training. Moron with Ponte. His father decided to marry at the odnosel′čanke, he left for Pyatigorsk and married a Russian, to adopt Islam. His father threw up, lugged in a village, still married to sasitlinke. He opened the shop, things gave to trade, but the guy did not want to work. Čuhnul in Syria. That's his whole life. Think he fled to war? Honestly, no. Such is it fighting? Such do not know what they want. "

So look "Holy Wars". Photo: Yuri Kozyrev/Novaya Gazeta
So look "Holy Wars". Photo: Yuri Kozyrev/Novaya Gazeta


"Let them fight, but just not here"

And still: why do people go to fight in Syria? If you ask this question sasitlincam, the most common answer will be a quote from a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad on holy war at Shama ' (Syria). The essence of Hadith: If Moslem will not participate in the holy war, the purpose of which is the establishment of a Caliphate, a paradise for him not to get caught. The Hadith is widely circulating on the Internet since the beginning of the war in Syria. He often appears in the speeches of Islamist preachers. These materials, in English, for several years already freely available on the Web — at the main recruitment site. Roskomnadzor and carefully read the Russian media for profanity, precious little attention to aggressive "Syrian" agitkontentu.

Is This a prophecy — tells me one lawyer returning from Syria, a volunteer. Is It as inaudible because manipulâtivno like any other — Nostradamus there or Vanga. Someone believes. My client, for example, really believed that he could save himself only by participating in the Syrian war. He had accumulated the money and left. Good though, a family with a not dragged some how. Apparently, all the money is not collected. It is expensive — to fight. Many people think that war can make. And it turns out that their money is spent, the relatives asked. But with money who have returned — I haven't seen. Standard path: Makhachkala-Baku train, bus Baku-Istanbul, Istanbul, Trabzon and there already on a minibus to the Syrian border. In "grey" the border zone, which Turkey tightly controls on entry, but freely produces all comers, it met the conductor. In the camp of my client identified in the squad, which together were two gay. He complained to the Commander. Appealed to promote IGILa: any defect on the territory of the Caliphate tolerated, policiya nravov harshly punished for smoking and alcohol, homosexuality is punishable by death. And Commander it said: "this is not your thing, when will I need to, I will kill them." My client is disappointed and returned with great difficulty. As a result of sitting. Holy war has cost him as in the saying: login-ruble, output is two …

I ask many: Abdullaev Ah″âda such očarovavšihsâ doubtful said, calling for death? Many ready to die for the faith? Ah″âd expands your list:

"I'm here specifically religious do not see. Here's Abasov. The other roads are simply not there. An orphan, her mother died, when the chest was, the father remarried, the boy lived in strangers, like in the boiler room. No he was not a religious fanatic.

Or take Habib. I give him two times very much helped, he now sits in Pyatigorsk. He had allegedly been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the explosion at the railway station, and as a result tried for extortion (suffered from militants stick businessman on a flash drive is a requirement to pay "tribute" forest, otherwise it would be bad). Habib was an Assistant at the "forest", the active Assistant, but himself — not forest. That is, there was no blood on it, he had not passed the border. Generally, he one-armed. Invalid. But the militants gave him the job of Chief of criminal investigation: to kill. He spent the money, and not Chief killed. In short, hit. Asked me for assistance. I talked with the police, but they decided to take it as the gunman. Purely by accident not happened. Came behind him, and Habib in the opposite House was he there grandmother lay dying. Managed to escape. But where to go? Into the woods-you cannot. Had in Syria. And he has, among other things, three children. But it also drove from Syria. He has the same right hand no, he could not shoot. I know for a fact that he did not want to fight. "

Ah″âd in čirkaet irritation to handle your list, where the names of the letters next to each is. "In the war". "T" is a prison. "P" is dead.

I know a man who 15 years at war, he continues. — Fought in Chechnya, in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, now in Syria. He probably already live. If such leave to war is not pathetic. In our village there are people, negotiator, he, along with several leaders of the FSB of hiding brought and sent on Jihad abroad. We have underground waned, we good. They want to fight, let us fight, but just not here. It's not a bargain, not a weakness, it's a kind of exclusive operation, and I welcome them. But when pushed into Syria from the village boys, and they opened the same "green corridor", I personally began to interfere.

Photo: Yuri Kozyrev/Novaya Gazeta
Photo: Yuri Kozyrev/Novaya Gazeta


The negotiator

High polusedoj person who does no calls. The House at night, admits it is a couple of phrases in the Avar language with my assistant. Recommendation may cause relative trust. Gate House forged, but the most simple, banal bolt. Door is not locked. The meaning? He smokes one after another strong Armenian cigarettes and joking all the time. The one who introduced us, describing it as "doomed". How else can you describe a man who teeters between the militants and the FSB?

He also believes so himself. But not because of "work". It is hard, perhaps mortally ill.

"We have difficult Village, of course. Nearby neighbors live, wine trade (i.e., the neighbouring village. — E. M.), nothing happens to them. Boring. And we have the right, exclusively residents exclusively religious. Holy men, shorter.

So a few years ago the village was ruled by nine armed "holy people". Specific "forest", each with his gang. Security officials have access to the village was not. Agents as such was not. It was, however, a hostel, in which lived Russkie devochki, converted to Islam. Kept their fighters, and covered fèèsbèšniki. Why girls needed first is understandable. The second they were needed as the relationship with the forest. But, in my opinion, this is hopeless idea. The use of such "connected," there was little noise — a lot. When the "forest" robbed the business, girls have a lot of money, they noticeably nagleli. When money was not requested help from the village. On the one hand, you cannot not help: still they have children. On the other hand, they are our young people all the time life taught. Guys somehow helped build a House teacher, included music, so girls-BOUTCHOUE raised: Islam and Lezginka stuff turns out to be incompatible. Vzbelenilos′ village, because we already have ceased to understand who's more Muslims: we, or these girls? In short, demanded the head clear them away.

Chapter rang familiar at the FSB. Girls melt away as if they happened in the first place. If we do not take into account this bad, the siloviki categorically did not know how to access our underground. Because the Shariah to lease its impossible, even if its behaving like jackals.

The police acted in such situations, vlobovuû. Every week — stripping. We have even the animals became at this outrage to respond: "Unbeatable" across the bridge going behind them assigned with guns go — and the roosters wholeheartedly kukarekaût. In the village of tramtararam, shaken, hafizov school where children are taught the Quran (let there be better taught than Syria leave), a blind, elderly women with hijabs, šmonaût tear the House upside-down flip. Confusing zero: If one caught and beaten, tomorrow in the forest already two nyrnut. «Forest» only on hand. In the end, the head of the village have put before the fact: wait for the who. And for the village it is a real ruin.

I have at that time, the FSB staff got a nephew. He tossed the weapon for what became not to cooperate. I suggested: you me nephew give, I'm one of the "forest". It was a resident of our village, was in "active helpers, actually fighting. But at that moment he was given the order to go in Buynaksk and buy two basin with ammunition and explosives among Russian soldiers.

… It is already irreversibly, after this man finally dives into the forest as the 205. In short, I pulled it out (he now lives in the village, construction deals). Nephew I too returned. Thus found common language with fèèsbèšnikami, although at first I was afraid that I will use as an informant. And they don't need a snitch was — they needed a negotiator. They need not "stick" in the statistics output. Underground without leaders is weak. The leaders just don't get it, but if they withdraw, then this is the result. And you can display virtually any media, the main thing is to know what to press.

I called fèèsbèšnikam seven names. They said I could withdraw. From the first names of the head of the FSB jumped: "truth, can dock do?" it was Amir northern sector, a very dangerous man, a lot of real information, followed by explosions had stood, and planned another. I just do not fèèsbèšnikam said that he was my friend. They promised: If vyvedeš′ in the village who do not.

First went to relatives of Amir. Here at all relative to the relative sits. Who get killed or kill anyone — relatives. Russian military, kill? They are unavailable. We have each other, kill. Amir's father understood their responsibilities towards the village (but where to go?), was released on his son.

The first time I met with Amir at the cemetery. Explained the situation, he heard me. Once the village, father, I'm asking for is to be released. But put conditions: the case will have only with the FSB, in the forest of the negotiations should not know, no amnesty, no adaptation of the Commission. He goes, he makes passport and are trafficked to Turkey. All. One more thing: you need the word. Distinguished person who knows the Quran. His word will be decisive.

I grabbed for it and said: "I will do everything, but you do like the Sheikh says. Amir thought Sheikh never say that came out. He's very particular Sheikh meant that once the village Chechen war called for. But we brought the Saint to a Division and showed Daddy. Sheikh go on the article wouldn't. Promised to fit the desired ideological base. And about the passport of the FSB said, that is their problem.

Negotiations were going on for a long time. Amir heavily counted on Sheikh, but when he said that the war has ended today and we must stop in time, broken off. He eventually wrote a confession, turnout it made passport and transferred to Turkey. But officially he killed. After his departure the underground rassorilos′ and relaxed, we then another five people so withdrawn, the result was achieved. It was 2012. Just before we opened "Syrian" direction. More precisely, it opened … "— here he eloquently quips.


Who opened a corridor?

— What is a "green corridor"? — I ask Ah″âda Abdullaeva.

— I'll tell you a story and draw your own conclusions — meets the head of the village. — Because it's pretty nasty stuff. No you didn't explicitly say. No one.

One of the first to Syria met my nephew. In company with a disability hearing and were thrown on 208th WIMP. I learned this by accident: I called and gave them passports — just for friendship warned. For which they need a passport, we all then understood. I took away documents, called parents. They are in the Creek. I tell them: you just don't tell anyone I said that noise does not lift, passport hide. Brother Passport nephew picks up, hide, silent. The too silent. Through three days, calling the brother: "gone!" Call in the FSB. Meet that officially no nephew Passport not received at all. Informally, the second passport is made in three days. I raised the topic at a meeting of the head of the Republic. It was back in 2012. Then the representative of the Interior Ministry was lambasted in our village. We and such, and SOS and recruitment centre, we have a hornet's nest. Me too rattled. The head of the Republic raised me, and I told the story about the nephew. I'm straight from the podium, asking heads of special services: when, in immigration service applies for a passport person, why not call the head of the village, for example? I know all about your! They agreed with me at the meeting. But nobody did. It became clear to me which sold these passports. Because law enforcement officers was no difference where leave, only to be left.

Here's a fact: for years, "the Syrian wars" activity Caucasian underground fell twice. This is confirmed by all: security officials, experts and human rights activists, residents of the region. Probably, in terms of our special services is a real achievement. The State was not able to solve any problem, nourishes underground fresh blood: corruption, broken the law, lack of social elevator, degradation in all spheres of life in the Caucasus, leading to the arhaizacii society, the failure to peacefully resolve religious conflict — all of it as it was and is. But the war in Syria has launched a new strategy for special services: two years green traffic lights burned brightly in the direction of Syria. While Western countries have trumpeted the alarm and make their lists of Islamist terrorist organizations in Russia was silence. Caucasian fighters had gone to someone else's war. However, the strategy gave and side effect, which would probably not have been waiting for. Uncontrolled "Syriac" virus is widely sold across the country, hitting the target, geographically and socially distant from ours. We have an epidemic, the victims of which is young Wari Karaulovy. However, from the point of view of the security services, they are not victims. Taking into account the experience gained in Syria, they are a threat. In November 2013, for a year (!) before the official recognition of the IGIL terrorist organization, Vladimir Putin signed a new amendment to the CRIMINAL CODE, which, in fact, put a block on the return. The amendments tightened criminal responsibility for participation in armed formations on the territory of other States to 10 years in prison.



I said that to purchase passports was organized by the Special Fund. As such by the secret services passed? -gently ask Ah″âda.

Recruiter Isroil Ahmednabiev
Recruiter Isroil Ahmednabiev

— And I have no doubt. Were specific forces that brought money and passports, and did. And recruiters who support holy war sermon read at Friday prayers. We have here two such. One registered in Astrakhan, has no job and enough money to four wives. Our sasitlincy played it at the morning praying when he was pushing it, they say, with a holy war to return is a big sin. And they just come back. Me personally a great deal of effort was worth it to hold them through the FSB. In General, they left on the same day back. And came to the article. Because the first time even before the amendments to the criminal code and the most threatened is conditional. Well, a year. In the meantime, we pulled out the second time, amendments came into force, and now they will sit down for a long time. And verbovŝiku is nothing. Continues to read sermons. The second lives in Turkey. Abu Umar Sasitlinskim self-described. Known in the village of personality, but the Authority did not enjoy. The fraudster he.

— In what sense?

— Literally. It is at this IGILe pile of money made.


The real name of Abu-Umar Sasitlinskogo-Israil Ahmednabiev. Familiar fellow Daghestan DEPARTMENT confirmed that the secret Ahmednabieva collected a huge dossier, it is one of the most active recruiters in social networks. His posts with headings "trip to Syria" is a mixture of advertising "caliphate" humanitarian appeals for assistance to the refugees. Ahmednabiev created the charitable fund «Ansar and under the guise of humanitarian assistance to needy Muslims, collects donations from the Middle East and Africa. Syrian refugees play in this "humanitarian" project a key role. However, from the materials of criminal cases that primarily deals with the attempts by relocating Ahmednabiev Istanbul volunteers to the Syrian war. Until recently, namely Turkish direction was one of the key and the cheapest, and the channel, sponsored by Ahmednabievym, is one of the most proven. Russian security services have long ago exact address of the place of residence, as well as all Ahmednabieva installation information about the Charity Fund "Ansar. Ahmednabieva numbers are available online at numerous pages on Facebook and vkontakte. It is unknown whether steps to neutralize the Russian secret services. However, 27 November last year, Ahmednabiev was arrested by the Turkish law enforcement authorities on charges of violating the rules of migration regime. He was a criminal case. But Ahmednabiev from prison soon came out and continued its activities, its pages in social networks is still active.

Photo: Yuri Kozyrev/Novaya Gazeta
Photo: Yuri Kozyrev/Novaya Gazeta

Reports from the fields of "holy war"

Žabrail Colcaev (name changed. — E. M.) fought together with the so-called "Sasitlinskim" Squad (squad was part of one of the Islamist group fighting forces "Tehran-Al-Muhadžirin-Val-Ansar). Žabrail — Chechen, passes a witness in the criminal case against the returning sasitlincev. While the other defendants awaiting trial in jail, Žabrail sits at home and prefers not to go again from the yard. His story about Syria is strikingly different from the extremely miserly on the parts of the testimony of sasitlincev. Of their testimony should be that people there were going for anything but fight.

Is actually absolutely everybody understands that going to war. But in theory everything is not as it turns out in practice, "says Žabrail. I began to be interested in developments in Syria in January 2013 onwards. Listened to the sermons of Salafi sheikhs regarding mandatory participation in Jihad in Syria. Actively studied salafitskoe direction in Islam, for these purposes, religious literature, a collection of Hadith Sahih Al Bukhari, was browsing videos online with performance saudijskih sheikhs.

At the end of February of the year 2013 through social network "Classmates" and "Vkontakte" began to communicate with their friends who are part of Syrian armed opposition. I was asked to organize me leaving to participate in Jihad. On their instructions I issued myself a passport collected things and money. 15 July went to Baku, flew to Turkey. Went to the link with your friends. They sent me their people who took me to the border with Syria. There I met the conductor, with whom I have crossed the border, and an hour later walking the road we hit with city of ATMA, which was the headquarters of the group, the Tehran-Al-Muhadžirin-Val-Ansar. The leader of the group is our countryman, Amir Abu Umar Al-Šišani (Umar Chechen). The next morning I was taken to a military training camp in the village of Sheikh Suleiman is a former Syrian military base in mountainous terrain, captured by the rebels. The emphasis we have done on the physical training, our instructor was Azeri with as "Khattab". General military instructors were Azeris. Senior camp was Azerbaijani Hazma, former officer of the personal guard of President Aliyev. The camp was the Medic is Russian by nationality, he conducted classes in first aid with gunshot wounds. Every day we participated in the March rolls on rugged terrain, conducted classes on shooting from heavy guns-howitzers, DSHK. Learned to drive tanks and fire them. The camp trained 250-300 people, training took from 25 to 30 days. Then we moved onto the base "reef-Maundisin" near the town of Aleppo and identified the group that was led by Uzbek Sabri. We were armed with "around" ammunition had to buy themselves. In this group I met with sasitlincami, their was so much that they formed his squad. Led by its Habibov with as "Abu Usman. August 30, 2013 year our unit participated in the capture of Minag airport "and 17 October in a battle with government troops Ambushed in Suhna. Total losses in two operations that suffered our group is about 60 people. After that I returned to base "reef-Maundisin", travelled to Istanbul and returned through Azerbaijan to Russia.

I'm not asking Žabraila who helped him return home, although this time I was very interested. Escape from the clutches of the Syrian opposition. Least because of all the volunteers at the border confiscate passports. (One of the returning from Syria self-critical joked: "I felt at that moment the girl, which promised a decent job, and it turned out to work in a brothel.) I'm not asking Žabraila why he is a witness, and his sasitlinskie "buddy" is suspected. I can only guess that it might deal with the consequence of *. But I really want to know why he decided to return to this war.

When I was traveling in Syria, I was ready to go to war with Assad, Shiites, Americans — Žabrail. "I thought, there are simple: have the Government — and there's opposition, which for the Caliphate. But I was unprepared for the opposition to fight each other for territory, for trophies, for resources, and the "Caliphate," goes the lure just for fools. And yet I was not ready to fight with the Chechens from neighboring villages, with which we by chance ended up in the warring factions.

Over the past six months, from the village of Novosasitli on the war in Syria took not a single person. Frustrated by stories of returnees were better kontrpropagandoj.


Sit down all

Russian security services have a limited set of tools that enables you to get information directly from the Syrian conflict. I was told that the interested offered even agency agreements in Exchange for a "corridor" to Syria. And people sign such agreements, using the secret services sent to war. Then break the agreement unilaterally. So returning information removed very carefully. You can unleash people languages torture and police this method do not disdain. But the FSB often offers a deal with investigators: telling it like it is, but the Protocol only "pacifist" testimony: worked in construction, studied, was treated. Given the appearance of surrender it allows severely knock off the sentence. Conditional, of course, will not give, but also maximum (10 years) is too. However, there is one "but": 208-I article provides exemption from criminal liability for those who voluntarily stopped participation in illegal armed gangs and guns, if his actions contain no other corpus delicti. That is, all Syrian "pacifists" so have to produce. So for a court investigation always has in store to witness. It's just and gives a full breakdown: who's involved, how the left, where trained in any battles and who specifically was involved. This testimony is sufficient for a conviction.

Novaya Gazeta

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