The European Union urges Turkey not to undermine Western sanctions against RUSSIA


The talks in Ankara, EU officials plan to persuade the Turkish side not to ignore measures influencing the Kremlin because of aggression

Brussels called on Ankara not to undermine Western sanctions against Moscow. EU officials visit to Turkey this week, aims to give new impetus to often associated with tension to relations between the EU and Turkey, voice of America reported.

Turkey has not acceded to the West's sanctions against Russia, imposed because of the Ukraine. EU officials will convince Ankara to join the sanctions regime, or at least not to abuse the situation to their benefit by exporting products to Russia.

The EU Foreign Minister Frederick Mogerini will head the delegation in recent years high-level European politicians in Turkey Monday and Tuesday. "This visit is vivid evidence of the strategic importance of Euro-Turkish relations and our desire to increase participation," said Mogerini.

Turkey is negotiating to join the EU since 2005 but political obstacles, in particular over the divided island of Cyprus, as well as some EU countries protest against Turkish membership, have slowed progress in difficult relationships.

But now EU officials hope that the new Prime Minister of Turkey and the new European Commission in Brussels means a fresh start, which will be the Foundation for regular summit talks to discuss common strategic interests.

Visit of representatives of the EU will follow a week later, after a trip to Turkey, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which Moscow announced the collapse of the South Stream project and called Turkey to their preferred partner in the alternative draft.

EU officials during a visit to Turkey intend to talk about closer cooperation in the fight against militants of the Islamic State and other extremist groups, in particular on how to trim the ways of funding militants and stop the flow of foreign fighters. The EU wants Turkey assisted in identifying and preventing foreign fighters for aviation security, the newspaper notes.

The EU representatives will meet with Turkish President Recep Erdoğan, the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and visit a refugee camp. They also will announce an increase in EU aid to Turkey for the content of thousands of refugee flows from Syria and Iraq.

As we have informed, Russia and Turkey have agreed on the construction of the offshore pipeline Volume 63 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year. After the signing of the memorandum, Gazprom ceo Alexei Miller stated that after the commissioning of the new pipeline transit role of Ukraine will be reduced to zero.



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