The incident in the Aegean Sea is a result of the lack of Russian sailors, Admiral Tenûh


The situation with the firing of a Russian patrol ship of the Turkish fishing boat in the Aegean Sea is the result of unprofessional conduct of Russian sailors.

As THERE is NO censor. with reference to UkrInform, this opinion was expressed by former Commander of Ukraine's naval forces, Admiral Igor Tenûh "112 Ukraine".

"It's unprofessional actions of Russian sailors who, will talk straight" overslept ", most likely the fishing seiner, which approached at a dangerous distance, did not fulfil those actions that they had performed according to international rules," said Tenûh.

He explained that according to the rules, which operate throughout the world in this field, on the ship should hurtle watch led by a watch officer, who must follow any vessels approaching a dangerous distance. In the case of approaching at a distance, which is likely to endanger the safety of the vessel, it must go in advance in high availability and start the main engines. "If it does not meet the ship approaching, not responding to signals from the ship, the ship had to break ground and implement safe manoeuvring. Opening fire in international rules is not foreseen, "said the Ukrainian Admiral.

In General, cases of convergence of vessels on a dangerous distance in the world are frequent but not opened fire, he added.

Responding to a question about whether Turkey now ban the passage of Russian warships through the Bosporus, Tenûh speculated: "of course, there is the rule of the passage through the Bosporus, and generally pouring zone in the sea of Marmara, the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, so the Turkish side for such a breach can claim the Russian ship".

As we have informed, today in the Aegean Sea a Russian patrol ship opened fire on a Turkish fishing boat that sbližalos′ with him, not responding to requests.

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