The war of RUSSIA with Turkey: interchange close


Already imagine how excited pocreoty: say, let alone put them-wow-go as nakostylâem, we have tanks in 10 times more! Sorry to break up their pink dreams, but still have to.

The number of tanks and other nuclear warheads Rasseûšku will not save if no head on my shoulders, because fighting at the outset, the head, and then all the rest. In the meantime, our generals a full-length show their stupidity and cowardice. To lose the war, enough to your zaŝitnečgi have only one of these qualities. Our generals are cowardly and stupid. Sometimes they are more cowardly, sometimes more than dumb, but overall it's their main competencies, which together make them profneprigodnymi.

So, the war with Turkey is already in progress. It started with the fact that the Turks shot down an Su-24. Our cowardly generals immediately voiced version that the plane shot down from the ground Syrian rebels. If the Turks remained silent, no disgrace RUSSIA wouldn't have happened. But they indignantly spat in the face raškovanskim cowardly generals, publicly stating that shot down a Russian plane deliberately, and will shoot down even if they continue to violate the sacred dances.

The first question that arose in that regard: violate or not? It is, of course, could hide behind the fig leaf of Salvation: we nevinovatye # vyfsevrete. However, lies precisely the DEFENSE MINISTRY of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION. First, that the plane shot down from the ground, then about the fact that there was no cross-border incursions by artistic amateur performances as a clumsy slyapannyh cards.

I was particularly impressed by the Turkish route here-fighter was flying, flying, then-times, and turned "heels". Damn, I'm so cool I can't even vertanut′sâ on the bike, and fighter flies at supersonic speed and has no brakes.

As you can see, here and the trajectory of the Su-24 is very different, and Turkish fighter makes a smoother spread, though, and strike the edge of the Syrian territory. Finally, realizing that with their "funny pictures" our parquet fighters look like cheap clowns, attracted more literate masters of Photoshop. As a result, a new epic: pikča


Here we see that Turkish aircraft violated Syrian border (so the DEFENSE MINISTRY of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION was, forgetting how to vopilo this before) and our Su-24 how would a little respect to the boundaries of the shadow of her silver wings. Well, whether or not concerns-horseradish catch. In General, both who like more is he so thinks. That's just after all the previous cowardly and controversial bleating and waging asshole who believe Putin's defense?

No, let us state the question differently: whose information presentation more persuasive-rossiânskih generals, constantly on the go, or pereobuvaûŝihsâ from the Turks, who firmly stand on its own? Ankara immediately after the incident provided a means of rendering objective scrutiny and not renege on their words. Who would believe? The question, in General, rhetorical. More obosratuški MO Rfs phones reviewed here.


Who tâvkul that lie like 10 times warned that it is not good to violate the border? So in fact warned, and not once. Maybe not 10, but remember exactly as they protested on the occasion of violation of Russian combat aircraft of Turkish airspace on October 3. This was not a secret, here's a publication on "E'he Moskvy". In fact, here it is interesting to not the message itself, and šapkozakidatel′skie comments underneath. reports that the protest was not only the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, but even personally telephoned Turkish Foreign Minister Lavrov.

In the end two days of sustained kicks Moscow recognized the violation and apologized, calling the invasion a fighter in Turkish airspace "mistake that will never happen again." The Deputy Commander of the Russian Federation Sergei OLG Drones had to apply a personal visit to the Turkish general staff and give an explanation for the border incidents.

Turkey, to her credit, reacted quite delicately. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated that "Russia is our friend, still nothing happened. However, he stressed that "our rules of engagement are clear enough, no matter who violated our airspace. The Syrian issue does not mean the crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey. "

But Russia continued violations. After the incident, Turkey has publicly promised to shoot down Russian planes if they continued to violate the integrity of the Turkish borders. 16 October, she was hit by the first Russian aircraft which "lost" over Turkey. Our defense immediately cowardly tâvknulo # vyfsevrete. However, the Turks have published photos of the fallen on their territory of UAV is proved drone Orlan family. But Moscow then brazenly denied his guilt. Presumably, the Turks it is angered.

November 24 Russian Su-24 again violated Turkish airspace in the area now famous protrusion border near Ayn al-Hawra, and broke twice-first passed over Turkish territory from East to West, and then came back on the same route, despite warnings. Were there warnings? Firstly, the mere presence of Turkish fighter in the area is a clear warning. Secondly, Norwegian and Lebanese pilots confirmed that they had heard, as the Turkish pilot (very nervously, according to Lebanese) demanded that the pilot of the Su-24 change course because Russian aircraft APPROACHING to the Turkish border. But Putin's proud Falcons defiantly poŝekotali Turkish ledge, so erotic jutting out in Syrian territory, and even a pair of aircraft for that and paid for it.

After several incidents of October omission of Turkey in response to a DEMONSTRATIVE disregard its sovereignty could be perceived by Russia and the world, as a sign of weakness. Turkey decided to show their power and showed her. Although this formulation is inaccurate. The fact of the matter is that Turkish military given the authority to decide on the use of force in the event of a military invasion that threatens border security. So most likely Turkish pilot did not request sanctions on the use of weapons, and attacked the intruder in a short time (about 6 seconds) finding targets in Turkish airspace.

Our propagandony started retroactively sculpt the ridiculous excuses that in no other way, except "shattered a Turkey wing, it was impossible to go to the goal that attacked the Russian aircraft. And who said he attacked someone? The Defense Ministry said that the bomber was on "alert", and very far from the Turkish border, in the area of the locality Maharet Al-Nu'man. Returning to base through Turkey, he too was out of the way.

In this connection, I have extremely unpleasant to the senses of the pocreotičeskih question: what Colonel Peškovu was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation? I have carefully examined the Federal law on the establishment of the title of hero of the Russian Federation and the establishment of a special mark of distinction-the Medal "Gold Star", stating that this high rank "for services to the State and the people, involving heroic feat. What heroism Peshkov? In fact we have only that he committed international provocation caused by its actions, the Interstate scandal (thank God it's not a war with NATO), inflicted moral damage kolossal′nejšij their country ditched fighting machine, threatened the lives of the crew lost their lives.

No need to spritz the saliva and accuse me in svâtotatstve. I just asked the question: what exactly such a heroic committed late? Maybe we all worth taking an example from it? But if I buy a Trike and defiantly violate the border of the Russian Federation, I believe, does not acquire the title of GRF even if I shoot down Ukrainian or Estonian border guards.

A friend of Lieutenant-Colonel, although he admitted that no feat in this incident did not see, yet tried to justify saying that soldier performs a combat order in …

Stop, stop! -I broke it-if Peshkov was ordered to violate the airspace of Turkey (NATO countries, among other things!)-then it's not a hero, and the perpetrator, which stay alive was to incur criminal liability in accordance with clause. 2 tbsp. 42 of the CRIMINAL CODE, which States that "a person who intentionally commits an offence pursuant to an order or directive known to be unlawful shall be held criminally liable on the same basis.

-Well, maybe he inadvertently flew abroad, performing combat order of another nature, I objected, Lieutenant-Colonel.

-It is much more plausible version, but then there is the "negligence, i.e. failure to perform or improper performance of their duties, the official due to improper or negligent attitude to service, resulting through negligence in the death of a person or other serious consequences, according to Determina. 2 tbsp. 293 of the criminal code.

In General, even together, we haven't found the actions of the Commander of the bomber crew, nothing that would fall under the definition of "feat. The fact of death, and death is totally pointless, does not constitute grounds for awarding. There is another case where generals try to camouflage a crime "made-up heroism". That Yes, we have, as they say, every second feat-fix implications first.

Similar examples were much more egregious. For example the first star hero for Afghanistan received senior sergeants 317-guards paratroop Regiment Alexander Mironenko Nikolay Chepik, supposedly have undermined themselves grantoj (the second is mine) to avoid surrender during the unequal battle with dušmanami. In fact, they were killed by their own colleagues. Brave internacionalistyvo warriors led by pomaroderit′ in the village decided to Win and also raped and killed young women and all witnesses-Afghans. A young soldier Nikolay Sergeev of violence and killings have not participated, causing displeasure "Santa", which apparently also promised to send it to Allah. In the end he himself and killed them, and to hide his involvement (for Afghans was not yet weapons caliber 5.45 mm) blew Mironenko head grenade. Chépica when similar circumstances recently shot to Alexander Rassohin. Rassohinym on lynching were ransacked, and Sergeyev disappeared and was found later that day. He, of course, had confessed to their crimes, however, forced him to memorize osobisty and tell the version of the heroic death of Mironenko in an unequal battle with dušmanami (although in fact they are throwing their comrades, leaving the scene of a fight for the sake of robbery kishlak).

As a result, rapists and looters got Star heroes. Remember, we at school even hung a poster describing an imaginary feat these cruds. Yes, here are our Ministry of defence tradition is to make heroes of those who do not deserve these traditions so long and strong, that even entered folklore as sayings about rewarding the guilty and punish uninvolved.

So all this hysteria around the heroic pilot Peshkova is only an attempt to cover up its generals cowardly ass. BTW, very interesting behavior of surviving Navigator. Watch video and ofigevaem!

Why his show from the back? To hide his identity, there is no need, the name of the MEDIA knew and even published the photo. Why it says on paper, constantly tilting his head down during breaks? In the end, that he is hernû for?

"Actually no warnings were not. Neither radioobmenu nor visually. There was no contact. So we went to the combat course in normal mode. We need to understand what the bomber speed and what is the F-16 fighter. If we would like to warn, that could show himself, standing on a parallel course.

What fucking, parallel course? Turkish jet fighter was supposed to according to the "Navigator" to cross the border and fly parallel to the Su-24, waving to him ladoškoj? About "there was contact-brazen pizdež! Radar contact was? Was! So what does "simulated enemy interceptor, rapidly approaching you when you are in someone else's airspace or next to it? This was a clear threat that cannot be ignored, especially if a foreign aircraft is at a distance of rocket launch!

"Yes and rocket in the tail of our aircraft came suddenly. We even watched it visually to make missile maneuver. "

Here's even kill me, I will never believe that such want can carry military pilot! Of course, that the heat-guided rocket came in the tail into the hot nozzle engines. And what is this talk about we are not observed. For decades military aircraft equipped with detection stations and warnings about the threat of rocket attacks, as well as active and/or passive counter. The Su-24 m is mounted airborne Defense (BRD) Karpaty. It consists of a warning station-15 m "Birch", starting the missile warning teplopelengatora L082 Mac-UL ". station productions jamming ATP-161/162 "Geranium" and a passive jamming APT-50 with twelve 50-mm false heat targets (LTC).

The Su-24 crews for BRD responds co-driver, and launch it doesn't visually must commit (so much so that review the back hemispheres it doesn't have in principle), and follow the indications of the respective devices. Proebal Flash heroj and now under-the-mâmlit MOL treacherously in the tail shot, not even a warning. BRD is most likely was a Navigator is disabled as to not distracted because prevention station "Birch" is famous for its sensitivity and, sometimes, beeping over and without.

And after saying that the Navigator saw the border on the ground, we can safely conclude: we demonstrate not Navigator Captain Murahtina (by the way, why is he still a captain through 13 years after graduation from school?), and a râženogo the clown reading text on paper-as and from the back. Why this Navigator did not show? Well, maybe his conscience is tormented by may, did not want to be a clown. Because only debil′nyj the clown can crow about the fact that it was visible to the border from a height of 6 km at a speed of fifteen hundred miles per hour.

In the mountains, forested border does not depicted on the terrain from the word "all". Here is the place where the tragedy occurred, when viewed from above. Even if you yourself put on knees map delineating the border and will jump with her gaze to the screen and back, you will need five minutes to bind to (when you're scooting in the sky at supersonic speed, this picture is constantly changing). And then you have to somehow explain what the pilot won for the Hill, which is seventh in the second ridge from the River, you, mate, not zaletaj, there is Turkey.

Delirium, however! No, this Navigator of the Su-24 m, as a pilot, not on terrain are staring at you, looking at her, and pillars is governed by complex RSBN-6s. Likewise, the Turkish pilot commits trespassing on display, rather than on the ground. " But, of course, the pilot also gave ordenok. For what? Well, this is what survived, saved the State a lot of money on lush funeral. The truth is that the funeral had to organize morpehu Pozyniču died during the rescue operation, but this is nonsense. As they say, Baba; yet, Yes?

So, before Russia question answering "Turkish perfidy. How does replied nuclear power? Oh, highly uepiŝno-bombed the next day a Turkish convoy in the town of Aazaz, located less than 5 km from the Turkish border (strange, but in this case, Putin's sokoliki somehow managed to not fly in someone else's airspace).

Someone surprised: How do I know that the convoy was humanitarian, not carrying weapons and ammunition, as Putin delivered a propaganda, followed by and nepolživye pocreotičeskie blohery like colonelcassad. As you look at the photos and videos that colonelcassad posted in his epic vysere. It is obvious that if the firefighters appears at least suspect that there are ammunition in the trucks, they are immediately sdrisnut. And here we see calmly burning gruzovki who don't even think explode, and locals who fearlessly walk or stand next to them.

And here's the militants with arms frame somehow never hit. Although there is, here's a photo where a guy with a gun is probably some igilovskij Amir. Or maybe just a guard from shops (we each kiosk security with guns sitting and they had nothing to protect, and not by whom?). But, no, down with doubt! We have before us a terrible person (back) global terrorism!

You can imagine a great stupidity than attacked Aaziz? This is for you-Syria somewhere far, far away, and live in it čurkobesy. But for Turks Syria close, and live in it, including ethnic Turks, and they live, don't be surprised, near the Turkish border. And still there live the Kurds, who are very hostile to Turks. Because Turkey has announced its intention to create a security zone in Syria, on the one hand, to protect fellow, on the other hand, to smooth out a border from a hostile element. Another challenge is to create a security zone manifold for refugees, an influx which Ankara Turkey is not happy. And then suddenly arrives, some Russians and start x-ârit′ Syrian Turks, saying that struggling with the IG.

Well, imagine that, at the invitation of the Ukrainian Government's "lawful" in the Donbass arriving Polish military and start to burn out a napalm from terrorists LNR DNI (and for them there are all terrorists), smash columns white KAMAZ trucks, MES and even flying over the territory of Rostov region accidentally. As such must take in Moscow? Here the Turks felt that Putin declared war on them. And they began to fight with Russia, and to land war against the RUSSIAN FEDERATION moved two days after the shooting down of an Su-24 and one day after the strike on the OLG model Aazizu. As you about this Putin-tv not reported? Well, then you'll have to tell me. (To be continued).

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