Tourists from Russia to Thailand cut off ear


Inability to solve problems in a civilized way turned against temperamental Russian

Russian tourists have become a byword. An anthology of stories about these legendary people newly enriched with another episode. This time the place of action was, understandably, not Egypt, not even Turkey and Thailand.

The conflict between the 36-year-old Russian and the local fishmonger happened in the market in Phuket. As reported by The Phuket News man wanted to buy fish, but the seller was not putting. Pretty soon between the participants of the incident a brawl.

According to witnesses, the first power solution chose Russian, tolknuvšij unlucky Thais. He did not remain in debt and rushed to the abuser with a knife. As a result, Bantam-tourist lost an ear and barely said goodbye with the right eye.

Phuket guest immediately was taken to the hospital. And local police are trying to figure out what could so infuriate the seller of fresh fish. Maybe statements like "Phuketnaš"?


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