Turkey and the EU closed the sky for RUSSIAN long-range aviation


The pilots were forced to bypass the European route, said the Defense Ministry.

Europe and Turkey closed the sky for RUSSIAN long-range aviation aircraft, causing attacks on GAM in Syria, said Deputy Commander of long-range aviation SCC RF, Maj.-Gen. Anatoly konovalov.

According to him, through this Russian pilots were forced to bypass the European route.

"Olenegorsk-is the northernmost our airfield, allowing you to increase the reach and perform refueling in mid-air. There were certain moments that exclude your ability to perform tasks in another option. Europe is not constrained, Turkey is not constrained, "RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

As we have informed, in response to the requirements of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION to pay damages for the downed Su-24, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that Turkey is not going to do that.

Relations between Russia and Turkey are strained to the limit once in November, Turkish aircraft shot down Russian bomber. After the incident with the Russian Su-24 the Kremlin imposed sanctions against Ankara, and accused Erdogan and his Entourage in deriving personal benefit from oil deals with GAM in Syria. In response, Erdogan accused Moscow in buying oil from IG.


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