Turkey as a new image of the enemy for Russia


"The war in Syria dramatically changed its face at least, judging by Russian television, writes columnist Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung Daniel Vehlin:-the day after the destruction of the Russian Turkish Air Force bombers in the Russian TV News began to dominate no message about successful flights of the Russian Aviation, stories about surgically precise war or about the quality of Russian weapons, and pictures from the airplane to the ground rushing".

The incident cost the lives of two Russian soldiers: one of the pilots was shot dead by the rebels is still up in the air until he descended by parachute, another soldier was killed in the shelling of a Russian helicopter, ran the rescue operation. "But these frames are available in the network show on television is dosed, continues the author. -The bloody reality of war and the risk to which went the Kremlin by launching a military operation in Syria, Russian audience tell a fragmentary and only good manipulated plots. " The fact that "the Russian military machine in Syria turned out to be not so invincible, has become a new challenge for him and for the Kremlin," stresses Vehlin. However, Russia does not want to show weakness and airstrikes on militants in Syria, as assured by the MEDIA, continued, including near the Syrian-Turkish border. Just now, after "a criminal act on the part of Ankara", which does not remain "unpunished", Russian bombers will be escorted by fighter aircraft combat sorties. In addition, as in the Russian Defense Ministry reported Wednesday, Syria deployed s-400 complexes and guided missile cruiser "Moskva".

"In parallel from the Turkish authorities is the new image of the enemy," continues the journalist, for example, quoting Putin's forcing to ponder the Islamization of Turkey under the current Government, and noting the large number of historical references to the Russo-Turkish wars in various programs. "Media all forces are trying to impress, though favourite Russian tourists Turkey suddenly became not so safe, and the Turkish Government really uncivilized and unpredictable aider of terrorists", the article says. Discussion programs continuously rejected Erdogan's family members, who allegedly profited from oil trade and art with the IGIL (organization banned in Russia. -Ed.), and Erdogan's Party is put in one number with "fellow Muslims" retaliation to create a Caliphate, as the IGIL. "In General, any friendly State there can be no question," says the author.

In conclusion, Vehlin hoped "more pragmatic tone" during the meeting, the President of France, Hollande with Putin in Moscow.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung


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