Turkey expressed "plan b" in response to the sanctions, RUSSIAN FEDERATION


Minister of culture and tourism Mahir Unal said that the country has prepared a "plan b" in response to some sanctions Russia, energy and tourism. This is stated in a written statement the Ministry, Anadolu Agency.

Unal said that annually from Russia to Turkey arrive in the order of 4.5 million tourists.

"Energy and tourism has always played a major role in the relations between Russia and Turkey. I hope that this crisis would not affect these sectors. We have prepared a plan b, "said Unal.

The Minister noted that the decline in the number of Russian tourists connected not only with the crisis, but the economic situation inside Russia.

Unal also appealed to the citizens of Russia with the words: "Turkey is a safe country and your home. You can, as before, the rest without problems in our country. The right to travel is a fundamental human right ".

Earlier, Russia banned tour operators sell trips to Turkey.

Russia has previously imposed sanctions against Turkey. The restrictions include bans on Charter flights, trade relations and the involvement of the citizens of this country to work on the territory of Russia.


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