Turkey has threatened to impose sanctions against Russia


In Ankara discussed possible measures against Russia, which introduced special economic measures against Turkey in response to the incident with the downed Su-24, said Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at a meeting with deputies of the ruling Justice and development party in Tuesday, December 8. Davutoglu noted that the Turkish authorities will impose sanctions if necessary against Russia, reports Reuters.

At the same time, the Turkish Prime Minister stressed that Ankara remains open to negotiations with Moscow.
The Turkish Foreign Minister urged earlier Mevlut Cavusoglu Moscow soon to lift the sanctions. "Otherwise, these economic measures directly impact on the economies of the two countries and will have negative consequences for the Russian people, no less than for Turkey," he said. 4 December, the Turkish Embassy in Moscow stated that Ankara will not introduce a visa regime for Russians in response to sanctions.
In early December the Kommersant newspaper, citing sources wrote that the Ministry of industry and trade began to prepare for the possible introduction of Turkey retaliatory sanctions. In particular, according to the newspaper, the Office recommended that the automakers, to explore the possibility of reorienting the supply of components, which they now receive from Turkish suppliers. According to the newspaper industry at the recommendation of the Agency reacted negatively.

Russia has introduced special economic measures against Turkey in response to the incident, which occurred on November 24 near the Turkish-Syrian border. Then the Turkish air force shot down a Su-24 bomber, who was a Russian air group in Syria. Two Su-24 crew ejected and survived, but one of them landing killed local militants. The second was saved, but during the rescue operation was killed by a Russian marine. As part of sanctions against Turkey, Russia decided to impose an embargo on the supply of certain fruits and vegetables, poultry, cloves and salt from this country, suspend the visa-free regime, prohibit and restrict Charter flights bringing in new workers from Turkey to work in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the situation in his address to the Federal Assembly on December 3, said that Russia will not forget this complicity. " "Any questions, any problem, any controversy, which we did not even have seen, can be resolved in a very different way. Moreover, we were ready to cooperate with Turkey on the most sensitive issues for it and were ready to go as far as their allies were unwilling to do. Probably only Allah knows why they did it. And, apparently, God decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey, depriving her of the mind and intellect, "said Putin.

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