Turkey refused to go to the demands of Russia on involving two MIAs and one Su-24


Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanžu Bil′gič said that Ankara could not meet the requirements of Moscow by involving two MIAs and one Su-24, reports Reuters.

"Russian military behave as if by Ankara believes a threat. But this is not true, "reported in the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Bil′gič also added that Russia must give assurances that its aircraft would no longer violate the airspace of the Republic of Turkey, RIA Novosti reports.

14 December, Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Turkey named three conditions that must be met to Ankara to restore relations between the countries. According to him, the Turkish authorities should apologize for downed Russian bomber, as well as to find and punish the perpetrators of this incident. In addition, Turkey is to pay Russia compensation for the destroyed aircraft.

The crisis in relations between Moscow and Ankara commenced after 24 November two Turkish fighter aircraft shot down over territory Syria bomber Su-24 from the Russian formations of ATS. Crew Commander Colonel Oleg Peshkov killed Syrian militants after bailout, and the Navigator bomber Captain Konstantin Murahtin was injured, but was rescued by joint actions of Russian and Syrian militaries. The operation also killed a Russian marine sailor Alexander Pozynič. In addition, terrorists have destroyed a Russian MI-8.

After that, Moscow imposed against Ankara sanctions, which, in particular, touched on travel and food supply. Was also unilaterally cancelled the visa-free regime with Turkey.


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