Turkey wants to switch from Russian gas to Israel


Turkey has stepped up negotiations to restore relations with Israel to develop gas supplies from that country and reduce dependence on Russia.

According to Government sources, Bloomberg's normalization of relations with Israel will enable Turkey to import gas from that country to reduce dependence on Russian supplies. In doing so, indicate sources, after the incident with the Russian bomber, which in November shot down a Turkish fighter aircraft, confidential contacts between Ankara and Jerusalem became more intense, reports rbk.

Turkey also is in talks with the Greek and Turkish communities of Cyprus to rebuild a single State. In the long term gas purchases are planned and in Israel, and Cyprus, which will enable Turkey to diversify supply and bring the country's transformation into an energy node between East and West, the Agency said one of the sources.

One of Bloomberg's interlocutors noted that reconciliation with Israel may follow a deal on the reunification of Cyprus, scheduled for the spring of 2016 onwards. The second source added that a compromise could be reached with Jerusalem "amazingly fast" in the coming months.

Turkey imports about 98% of natural gas, of which Russia accounted for 56%. President, Tayyip Erdogan earlier said that Ankara will find a replacement for Russian oil and gas in Qatar and Azerbaijan.

Voltage in the relations of Russia and Turkey emerged after November 24 Russian Su-24 was shot down by a missile of Turkish F-16 fighter aircraft. Moscow has imposed economic sanctions against Ankara. In particular, since January the year 2016 Russia prohibits the importation from Turkey of a number of products. In addition, the sanctions include bans on Charter flights, trade relations and the involvement of the citizens of this country to work on the territory of Russia. Suspended the implementation of the project pipeline "Turkish flow." According to the newspaper Kommersant, Russia plans to widen sanctions against Turkey, effectively blocking the import of works and services of this country.


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