Turkey with Armenia, Turkey vs. Armenia?


"Crimes against humanity cannot be statute-barred"

In Yerevan, may 27 passed the fourth meeting of the State Commission for the coordination of events dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the Armenian genocide, which was chaired by President of Armenia SERZH SARGSYAN. During the meeting, Sargsyan made a surprise invitation to the future President of Turkey to visit Armenia April 24, 2015 year.

Stand face to face with the truth

A statement was made by the President of Armenia in the run-up to May 28, when Armenia celebrated the day of the first Republic and the victory in the battle of Sardarapatskoj, which managed to stop the advance of the Turkish army in Eastern Armenia and prevent the complete destruction of the Armenian nation.

In his speech, SARGSYAN said that officially invites the future President of Turkey, who will be elected in August to visit Armenia and stand face to face with the truth about the Armenian genocide. He noted that the policy of denial for decades the Turkish authorities failed. Turkish society voices, requiring its Government to ascertain the truth and justice in this matter.

"Turkey has to understand is not to become an accomplice to the crimes of the Ottoman Empire, have to stand face to face with history and recognize and condemn the Armenian genocide, Armenian President emphasized.

He added that is hostile to the Turkish people and trying to create conditions in which the Armenian and Turkish peoples can communicate with each other, to find the path of reconciliation. "It is with this purpose that we remain committed to the settlement of relations with Turkey and the Armenian-Turkish border opening without preconditions, although with the Turkish side to hear only statements about such a desire. If the desire is really sincere, then Turkey is well aware of the way the implementation of reconciliation, "he added.

Crime without prescription

The President also cautioned that one should not hope that after 2015 year Armenia and Armenian people will stop their struggle for international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian genocide. "Crimes against humanity cannot be statute-barred. Let no one nourishes the hope that century the great massacre is aboard our vessels. It just is kind of a haven to express sorrow for our grief, spiritually strengthen and achieve the truth. "

That the crime of genocide is not forgotten, will remind and symbol of the centennial activities genocide-forget-me-not, and the motto will be "Remember and demand."

In order to strengthen the fight for international recognition, worldwide since the beginning of the year 2015 start many events dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide. For example, this theme will be addressed in the framework of the Venice Biennale and the MIDEM international music festival.

Reboot "football diplomacy"?

In the view of many in Armenia, the statement of the President is a symbolic gesture towards Turkey, however it is necessary to remember that at one time, many were skeptical of the proposal and Sargsyan his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gûlu to visit Yerevan football teams during the meeting of the two countries, which was adopted and became the beginning of a process of "football diplomacy".

While freezing ratification of Zurich protocols the two countries dealt a significant blow to the credibility of President SERZH SARGSYAN, in particular among the diaspora. Political opponents of the President recalled that from the outset of the process, they warned him that Armenian and Turkish authorities and intermediaries are not told that the normalisation of Armenian-Turkish relations should be without any preconditions, but Ankara still attempts to link this issue to the problem of Nagorny Karabakh.

According to many experts, one of the reasons for the failure of the association agreement with the EU was exactly what the United States and the EU failed to get Ankara to implement the agreements and the Zurich Open Armenian-Turkish border, closed even with the year 1993.

But the position of the sole NATO member, living at peace with Armenia and is in Customs Union with the EU, could have a significant impact on Armenia's position in negotiations with Russia and Brussels.

Duma Erdogan

As the Armenian authorities, Turkish is also collected shock meet century genocide of Armenians in 1915, the year meaning on all fronts to counter Armenian lobbying organisations and diplomacy that requires the world community to exert pressure on Turkey on this issue.

This may explain the statement made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who on the eve of April 24 commemoration day in memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide, at a meeting of the Parliament for the first time expressed condolences to the grandchildren of Armenians killed in the events of the early 20th century.

This statement was met with a negative response from Armenia, but quite satisfied with Western leaders, despite the fact that it the peace victims of genocide were put on the same level with the losses of Turkey in the first world war, and in addition was not mentioned the fact of genocide.

However, the effectiveness of action by the Turkish authorities in this matter may significantly influence the internal political situation in the country, in particular the protest against Erdogan. The Prime Minister himself, for which a matter of life and death, victory in the upcoming presidential election (according to the law, he can no longer hold the position of head of Government), willingly or unwillingly would pay more attention to domestic issues.

Against Turkey plays and position parts of Turkish society, including such famous faces as Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk (forced to emigrate from Turkey for Armenian genocide recognition), calling on authorities to abandon their policy of denial.

Taking into account all these facts, the probable winner of the future presidential elections, Erdogan would hardly dare to any dramatic steps in the Armenian issue, more so to arrive in Yerevan on April 24.

And no declarative statements by Western leaders will not affect Turkey's position, as it has shown kanuvšij into oblivion the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations.

Ike Khalatyan



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