Turkey worried about the rights of Tatars in the occupied Crimea


The settlement of the crisis in Ukraine should be based on the principles of territorial integrity and the principles of the Minsk agreements and resolution of the conflict must ensure the rights and safety of the Crimean Tatars.

About this Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet davutoglu said, speaking from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, reported Ukrinform correspondent.

"We wanted to reach a political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine on the basis of the principles of territorial integrity of Ukraine and the foundations of the Minsk accords. Any way to solve this conflict must ensure the rights and security of Crimean Tatars ", davutoglu said.

Talking about immigration crisis and the efforts of Turkey, as a country, where there is a large number of refugees, Davutoglu referred to the dead Ajlane curls and urged the world to consolidate in tackling the problems of migrants.

"The tragic story of the three-year-old Syrian boy Ailana should become for us a reminder for what the UN is struggling. Turkish police, who found For later, said he felt not like a policeman and as a father who lost his son. We have all lost a son. He was our baby, child of each of us and all mankind, "davutoglu said.

According to Davutoglu, to equip refugees Turkey had already spent 8 billion, 55 thousand. lives of migrants were rescued during disasters at sea, Turkey already was born 66 thous. Syrian children, medical services were provided 9 million times, was 280 thousand. medical operations, 230 thousand. Syrian children receive education in Turkey.


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