Turkish premier: better Assad left Moscow forever


Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu commented Wednesday Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's visit to Moscow, saying it would be better if he remained there, reports Reuters.

"What can I say. If he'd only longer remained in Moscow to the Syrian people to relax. Or if he could stay there forever, to the present transitional period could begin, "said the Prime Minister.

Syria needs a transition process that would ensure the departure from the post of Assad, davutoglu said, commenting on the yesterday's Reuters information that Ankara could accept a compromise on the Syrian leader.

"We believe that the Syrian Government had lost its legitimacy and our views on this issue have not changed. Syria must be a period of transition, which would ensure the departure of Assad (of power), "said Davutoglu, adding that Turkey will only support the transition process, which would be approved by the Syrian people.

"Russia is openly showed its support to their intervention," he said, when asked about Assad's trip to Moscow.

Turkey, a NATO member and ally of the United States in military operations in Syria, has long been one of the fiercest critics of Assad, insisting that a durable truce could not be achieved in Syria without his removal from power.

In the morning of Wednesday, the Kremlin announced Bashar Al-Assad meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. According to Shiite Channel Television Network Ahlulbayt, Assad returned to Syria on October 21, while in the Russian capital he arrived 20 October.


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