Turkish President calls for meeting with Putin


President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan stated that he invited Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Paris on 30 November, but the response from the Russian side has not yet received.

"I have requested a meeting with the head of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin in Paris on 30 November, but received no answer yet," Erdogan said in an interview with French tv channel France 24.

As reported by the Kremlin, several severs podrobnosti.ua economic projects with Turkey.

Turkey has previously criticized the Kremlin for contemptible reactions to the downed Su-24. Prior to this, Putin accused Turkey of aiding terrorism because of downed aircraft Su-24.

In turn, the Prime Minister of Turkey harshly responded to Putin on charges involving two MIAs and one plane.

As reported by podrobnosti.ua, Turkey knocked down fighter of Russia on the border with Syria. In turn, Russia's Defense Ministry acknowledged the affiliation of the downed aircraft.

One of the pilots of the Su-24 rebels killed. As far as the Navigator of the plane, he managed to escape from the rebels.



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