Two historical ways and difficult choice Ukraine


People, like people, are divided into those who can creatively use their past, to overcome it is to have perspective in the future and those who are forever entangled in it, having no abilities will overcome its consequences.

In the first case, the example is Britain and Turkey.

Royal Navy-of-British-empire

Britain is a demonstration of how successfully incorporated in the present experience of past generations, which ultimately ensures the stability of State institutions. The most vivid illustration of this model is the real event, we told Russian lawyer Vladimir Pastukhov. He was in the British court at one of the sessions and remembered a funny story when judge listening to speech lawyer suddenly stopped him and said: — my God, what a great quote, and you can't tell who its author?

-Yes, your honor, I'll give you tomorrow information who it is.

The next day the Attorney brought the newspaper with reference to real quotes and together they admired the exigencies of his mind, but this does not affect the ratio of judges to the essence of the case, where he delved into all the nuances. And here's the judge, whose dozens of ancestors held judicial post, and pedigree dates back to the 13rd century, very clearly visible benefits of the British model, where State institutions are reproduced at the level of family traditions.


Example Turkey is another example of quality. Here we see how the genius of Kemal Ataturk overcomes bankrupt practice of the Ottoman Empire and creates new institutions, new traditions and, in fact, the new State. This is a crucial break with the past has allowed Turkey to turn into what it is today less than a hundred years. Ataturk had to overcome great resistance of the old elite, clergy. He even went on a radical change in the Turkish language, removing from it the Persian and Arabic words that are unique to the Ottoman era.

The second case is, of course, modern Russia and Ukraine.

Rossiyskaya imperiya-

Russia is clinging to its imperial past, because only there you can find refreshment current grievances. Unlike the post-Imperial Britain, where it was interpreted by the legacy of Empire, modern Russia has not created a new postimperskuû identity. Because Russia is trying to look like an empire, but has neither the resources nor the will to conduct imperial policy.


Ukraine same floundering in its traumatic history, century for century when with your mistakes and defeats. We absolutely do not make conclusions about our mistakes in the past, as relevant today as it was a memoir of skoropadsky, Makhno, Vynnychenko and other contemporaries of the civil war, 1917-1920. Too bombastic celebration of the anniversary of the battle of berestechko shows that still fixated viktimnyh moments in our history, instead, to avoid new Berestečok in our present.

Thus, today our prospect lies in the gap with our history and setbacks and relying on our present experience.

This is the main achievement of the Maidan — he opened the door to a space where this gap is possible, where perhaps a model based on modernity, adapted to it. Not the overthrow of Yanukovich, which is negligible in its historic scale and consequences, and opening the gate to destroy viktimnoj of Ukraine, to the emergence of a healthy, modern Ukraine oriented to the future.


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