Vitaly portnikov: as Russia begins to depend on Ukraine


RUSSIAN Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated that Russia does not intend to abandon the Ukrainian transit even if it is built by Nord Stream-2 ". This statement can be considered new year's gift, of which we have not been asked. But, without doubt, the recognition that the Russian side suffered deafening fiasco in the phasing out of the Ukrainian gas transport system is great news. Because now the Russian Minister can arbitrarily long horohorit′sâ, proving that Russia does not intend to sign a new contract for transit "unfavourable conditions" — only to disappear this golubčiku more.

Generally struggle with Ukrainian transit became a real carved Aspen Colom in the already almost lifeless body of Russian foreign policy, Moscow thanks to this fight has lost recent friends. Putin put before "Gasprom" tough task to bypass Ukraine. At first everything went as it should — Russia plans two alternative route. "Nord Stream" open succeeded — even his power and are not used sufficiently. But with "Southern stream" snag. Putin tried to persuade members, persuaded to support their position of Serbs and Hungarians has provoked conflicts in the EU — a year ago during a visit to Turkey simply "threw" those who agreed with him and defended his position without even warning them.

You can imagine the frustration of politicians in Belgrade or Budapest — here's why that's all it was? While Putin is already at full steam rushing to "Turkish flow." But then suddenly it turned out that the European countries do not intend to build gas pipelines to the border with Turkey, and Turkey itself was not willing to participate in the construction of additional branches — except the one that would have supplied gas to Turkey itself. But this construction is possible only in case of significant discounts on gas. It turned out that Putin wasted obnadežival Greeks and Macedonians, and at the end of the year he finally break up and with the Turks. But the idea of the "Nord Stream-2". I you do not tire with stories? But log in situation of Gazprom's managers — they continually demonstrate the desire to perform an impossible.

In short, with the Northern flow-2 "Russia risks permanently losing the support of Italy, who wondered why the" South stream "to build steel and not to the" Nord Stream-2 "of the European Commission. Still, whatever you may say, but Putin is an outstanding politician. So Allied does not scare anyone.

But joking apart, and if we can definitively refuse Russian gas — that would be great-then it's no longer we will depend on Russia, and it is from us. Because of the price on the Ukrainian transit will depend the survival of Gazprom and the Russian State opportunities — or that it will remain after the approaching crisis. Day, when the Ukrainian President will advise Russian colleague who stands to appoint a new energy Minister or the head of Gazprom, not so far as it might seem at first glance.

Vitaly Portnikov

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