Why Russia's neighbours seek to NATO?


Andrei Illarionov: against the Western Alliance member countries nor the SOVIET UNION nor Russia had not committed any aggression

The Kremlin is not like Russia's neighbours seek to join NATO.

Some of our citizens do not understand this too.

But neighbors can understand.

Just look at the statistics of the aggression perpetrated from the territory of the SOVIET UNION and today's Russia, against their immediate land neighbors, for example, over the past seven decades after the second world war.

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In the first period (1945-1991), i.e. for 46 years, the USSR committed four undisputed aggression: Suppression of the Berlin uprising of 1953 g., suppression of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968, the Soviet assault on Afghanistan in 1979-1989 Gg.
In the second period (1991-2014), i.e. for 23 years, Russia had committed aggression 5: three against Georgia, Inc. in 1991-1992 biennium. in South Ossetia, in the 1992-93 biennium. in Abkhazia, the 2008 g. on the whole territory of Georgia, as well as in the 1992 g. -against Moldova in 2014 g. -against Ukraine.

You can calculate the frequency of attacks of the USSR and Russia on our neighbours, taking into account their total number, as well as taking into account the number of years in each of the two periods. Although the SOVIET UNION, as it is known, was far from peaceful, white and fluffy Angel on the world stage, yet in the last 23-year period, Russia committed aggression on his neighbors about twice as often as the USSR-its: the USSR attacked 0.72 times every 100 years, Russia's neighbours-1.55 times every 100 years, neighbours.

You can also share all land neighbors of the USSR and Russia into two groups, the first of which include members of the Western Alliance, i.e. members of the Western defense and economic alliances (NATO, EU) and in another group-all other countries were not and are not members of the Western Alliance. The first group will fall, Norway Finland and Turkey in 1945-1991 Gg. and Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland in 1991-2014 years.

It is found that the Member countries of the Western Alliance either the USSR or Russia was not committed any aggression. The course itself, that the Western Alliance also did not attack on neither the SOVIET UNION nor Russia. So that the border between the SOVIET UNION and Russia, on the one hand, and NATO member countries, on the other, were, and still are, in General, relatively peaceful and calm.

At the same time, attacks on non-member countries of the Western Alliance by the Soviet Union and Russia both have occurred in the past and now. Moreover, their frequency (intensity) in the Russian period of time compared to the post-war Soviet period has grown roughly tripled-from 0.97 aggression for every 100 years, neighbors in the 1945-1991 Gg. prior to 2.72 aggressions in 1991-2014 years.

In the light of such statistics, it becomes clear why Russia's neighbours so eager to join NATO.

Andrei Illarionov

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