Global Initiative For May 21 — International — Recognize the Circassian Genocide


Global Circassian Initiative For May 21
Recognize the Circassian Genocide

Call to ACTION!

Ask Russia where is Circassia

The Circassian Genocide has been hidden from the world. It is the first genocide of modern European history that ripped Circassians from the coasts of Circassia. For Russia to build their empire they have chosen to destroy the people of Circassia and keep their land. Millions of Circassians died at the hands of Imperialist Russia.

Now 147 years later Circassians are organizing a global initiative against the Sochi Olympic Games. Sochi was the capital of Circassia and the main port where the whole nation was annihilated and forced into exile. Krasnaya Polyana is where the Olympic main venues will be held and that is the site where Russia declared victory over Circassia 150 years earlier.

It’s not just about memory it’s also about the continual crimes against humanity conducted by Russia against the Circassian nation, environmental destruction of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the corruption where the Sochi Games will cost $50 billion dollars and be the most expensive in history and the annihilation of human rights in the region.

We call upon not just Circassians but to all those who feel passion for humanity.

We also ask all to call their local Russian Embassies/Consulates to ask where is Circassia.

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