Matthew Light Speaks About Circassian Genocide And Issues With Russia


Matthew Light voices his concerns on television in relation to the Sochi 2014 Olympics. His concerns include the impact on the local population, corruption, human rights abuse and the Circassian issue.

The Sochi region, where the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held, was the center that the parliament of independent and free Circassia was gathering until 1864. After the Russian invasion it was not only the Circassians removed from their land but also all their cultural heritage and even their graves were completely destroyed. Today in the state museums of Sochi there is nothing displayed related to Circassians, the autochthonous people of that land for thousands of years. The real ancient history has now been re-written by Russia and hidden from the public.

The public does not know that millions of Circassians were massacred around and in the site of Sochi. Instead Russia laughs at the public for their lack of knowledge with the plight of Circassians. They hope that most of humanity forgets about this indigenous people. But people are beginning to speak out…

Russia’s invasion resulted in millions of deaths and the forcible expulsion of those left alive. Currently over 90% of Circassians now live outside of their homeland. Russia has strict repatriation laws that will not allow any Circassian descendants back. This policy has only been enforced on Circassians but does not apply to other ethnic groups. Russia has silenced and oppressed any outspoken individuals who feel this is unfair. Journalists and citizens have been mysteriously assassinated with no formal investigation for speaking about this issue.

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