Siberia, the 51st State?



Siberia is a large part of North Eastern Russia. It is rich in natural resources and at times its people feel that they live poorly because they have to pay so much to the other territories of the Russian Federation. Although it has never really been thoroughly broached, there has often been talk of becoming a separate state. At times small separatist groups have temporarily formed but never aspired to the formation of a formal political party. Although they do not openly speak of it, most Siberians have probably thought about separatism at some point in their lives.

The idea has not really caught on with Siberians, as in reality Siberia probably would not survive as a sovereign entity. This realization always curtails Siberians brief thoughts of separatism, until now.

Renewed Thinking

Now though, some have sewn a new seed. This new seed is that Siberia could exist as a sovereign state, if it was annexed to the United States.

Absurd; or is it? Wasn’t Alaska once part of Russia?

Recently the Irkutsk State University held a seminar with the involvement of its fifth year students. The seminar dealt with the possibilities of a US – Siberian link and of a “Regionalistic Alternative to Siberia”.

It discussed the pluses and minuses of a future Siberian State, paying attention firstly to the economic position but also to the risks involved in its creation and existence.

In the summer of this year, a new group appeared on Face book. This group believes that Siberia could successfully survive as a part of the US. The group also believes that being part of the US is the only way a Siberian state could exist.

A new movement has now emerged. One that is urging that a Russian census be held: in which people living in Siberia, are recognized, as Siberians. After the census, a referendum should then be held on separatism.

The United States

The Face book group seems to believe that the referendum could be attained with the assistance of the US administration and that, with the United States past experience of obtaining independence, they could also assist in making Siberia a part of the US.

This however, is not a completely new idea to the United States. Previously, although he did not specifically mention Siberia, a prominent American politician had spoken of a commonwealth stretching from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

Now that this subject is being discussed on the social media, between future graduates of Siberian Universities and American politicians, is it really possible that Siberia could become the 51st State?


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