Sochi, The Land Of Genocide


All the world should remember tragedy of Caucasian nations, when Abkhazians, Adygs, Kabardians, Circassians, Georgians, Kubani Noghais, Bzhedugs, Abadzekhs, Abazins, Karachays, Ossetians, Chechens, Ingushians, Dagestani peoples were killed and sent in exile to Turkey and other Asiatic states. Thousands of these people were forced to abandon their motherland and meet their demise at the strange land. This was genocide, genocide of indigene Caucasian nations made by bloody Russian Empire.

Today, Russian Empire goes on with its imperialistic activities. 2014 Sochi Winter Olympiad is announced to be in Sochi, city and region where Ubykhs, Shapsugs and other Circassian tribes were forcibly evicted from. Nor USSR, neither RF has not recognized the genocide of these people and taken responsibility to return the descendants of Muhajirs to their homeland. On the contrary, they are trying to hold 2014 Winter Olympiad on the bones of Circassians, on the land of tragedy which is watered with the blood of Circassians and not only.
Thus, let’s call world community to recognize the Genocide of the Caucasian Nations in XIX century and protest 2014 Winter Olympiad in Sochi!


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