The Circassian Genocide — Stop The Sochi Olympics


he Circassian Genocide happened between 1763 To 21, May, 1864 ended with the fall of Circassia after fierce fighting, and heroic defensive fight that Circassians took against the Russian invading army which lead to the total occupation of the North Caucasus. The fall of Circassia and other parts of the North Caucasus Region in the hands of the tyrants and savage Tsarist Russian armies that committed genocide and ethnic-cleansing against all invaded nations and amongst them the Circassian nation which was considered the biggest genocide of the nineteenth century, which was forgotten by later history. Millions were terrorized, massacred, displaced, or deported to a Diaspora that is as wide and as large as more than forty countries of the world.

This genocide was known to be the blueprint for future genocides (armenian, holocaust) and one of the most brutal.

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