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Bulgarian Defense Minister reported it amid growing fears within NATO that Moscow plans to foray into the South-Eastern part of Ukraine

Over the past two months, Bulgaria 30 times led its military aircraft on alert or raised in air interceptors in response to the approaching Russian combat planes to the airspace of Bulgaria by the Black Sea.

This was announced by Bulgarian Defense Minister Angel Naydenov.

As the West and Russia held a series of military exercises to demonstrate its strength amid rising tensions due to the annexation of Crimea, which entailed sanctions against Russia by Washington and Brussels.

NATO reported that the Alliance is considering all options and considers new moves to expand its military presence in Eastern Europe. When this Alliance in Tuesday said that no notes, no signs of diversion of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers from the Ukrainian border.

Despite a long friendship with Russia, ten years ago Bulgaria joined NATO and since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis has twice participated in military exercises with the United States NAVY ship in the Black Sea. Now on its territory are undergoing a two-week exercises involving Ukrainian and American troops.

"I can only wonder what the purpose of these flights," said Naidenov. -But when for the past couple of months we had about 30 instances when we raised the aircraft in the air, or lead them into a State of high readiness, costs remain especially vigilant, "Angelov told journalists.

President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev said that in recent months, Bulgarian air force raised in air fighters MiG-29 2-3 times a week, whereas before it was done 2-3 times a year.

Iranian traders suggested that Russia provokes such flights to achieve accelerated wear Russian-made fighters used by Bulgaria. The President added that Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey should step up cooperation in patrolling the airspace.

Currently, the departure of one of the Russian aircraft in the air rise two Romanian, two Bulgarian and one Turkish airplane. This is very inefficient, "Plevneliev said.

Bulgaria is considering the purchase of new fighter jets and replacement aircraft built in the Soviet era, but due to financial constraints this process is delayed.

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