Ukraine-NATO: why simple Ukrainians


All of the following arguments in favour of accession of Ukraine to NATO are very simple and obvious. Not understand them, can only one who consciously wants to realize the right of the Ukrainian people to safety, or whoever is able to understand nothing.

Alexander Paly and article on UE, even eight years ago, counted 20 points behind and only 6 against Ukraine's entry into NATO. If Ukraine's population knew what may result in non-aligned status and finally learned that entails the entry into NATO, it would be troops there politicians with kicks.

Now for any layman understandable that Ukraine's accession to NATO means much more benefits than problems for Ukraine.

Among the advantages of accession of Ukraine to NATO major as follows:

1. The provision of security assurances, under which an attack on Ukraine means an attack on all NATO members (today, without Ukraine into NATO consists of 26 countries).

2. Providing nuclear safeguards ", under which an attack on Ukraine with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons would mean an adequate response by the nuclear-weapon States allies (United States, United Kingdom, France).

3. Joining NATO very significantly reduces the risk of war against Ukraine. Ukraine is strategically important, as opposed to neutral Sweden and Finland. Geostrategic advantages that gives control over Ukraine, may for potential aggressor outweigh the risk, which will accompany the aggression against Ukraine.

4. As a result Ukraine joining NATO will enhance its political independence. Protection from external interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine and the political process in Ukraine of foreign States (notably, not NATO members) in accordance with the standards of NATO's internal security.

5. NATO does not require posting on the territory of Ukraine of its military bases in Exchange for membership. Ukraine possesses sufficient military, human and technological potential to guarantee the safety of using only political "roof" of NATO, and behind only the theoretical possibility of support from the 26 NATO Member States during wartime.

Therefore, Ukraine's entry into NATO would be "on paper", without creating a big new military bases near the border with Russia, about what you want to talk separately, which can relieve tension with Moscow.

6. Absolute elimination of possible foreign provocations against Ukraine as it was, for example, from Tuzla.

7. As a result of joining NATO, Ukraine will strengthen its territorial integrity. Separatism will lose power for their possible implementation. The separatists will have to take into account the reality and adapt to life in a unified, independent Ukraine.

8. Significantly complicated the economic pressure on Ukraine by Russia, including energy, taking into account the possible negative reaction to such pressure 26 influential countries, staying in the Union with Ukraine.

9. Joining NATO would mean a final exit from under the influence of Moscow and the Elimination of his resume in the future. Russia understands this and therefore will have to establish equal partnership relations with Ukraine, as it does with NATO members in Eastern Europe, Hungary, the Czech Republic, while having strategic partners in Western Europe from among the members of NATO — as well as Germany, France and Italy.

10. The relatively small cost of entry — as neither NATO nor Ukraine do not need to deploy foreign troops on the territory of Ukraine.

Experience of NATO accession countries in Eastern Europe suggests that this entry can be very cheap. NATO ensures reliable security for money, for which Ukraine would never have had this level of security, as subject to membership in NATO, even if spending your entire budget on defence

11. NATO does not require mass rearmament of Eastern European armies. NATO also does not require the purchase of its members, weapons production of NATO-member countries. Every country has the right, in its sole discretion, to decide what weapons and whose production purchasing for their armed forces.

Ukrainian Soviet-made weaponry does not become a problem in joining NATO. Not only new members but also such a developed country as Germany continued to use the former Soviet armament (Germany-MiG-29, which were still in service in the GDR).

12. NATO does not require its members to suspend military-technical cooperation with other States, in particular with Russia, the cooperation commit with Russia Germany, Italy.

13. The sharp increase in foreign investment after the entry of Ukraine into NATO, because security is related to the transition, for example, for Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary — arriving foreign investment for the year after NATO membership has increased 3.5 times for Romania to 141%.

14. Investment from NATO to Ukraine, unlike investment in Russia, is legal. According to the research organization "Transparency International" among the 20 least corrupt Nations of the world are States members of NATO.

15. NATO membership means new opportunities for competitive defence industries. From entry into NATO is not lost high-tech defensive complexes in Slovakia. And won — high-tech, primarily Poland, partly in the Czech Republic.

Ukraine's competitive advantage is a high-tech military and industrial complex, as well as the capacity of Ukraine to establish in closed cycles of some competitive models of weapons on the world market, in areas such as aircraft, tank manufacturing, shipbuilding, as well as rocket science and air and space defense system.

16. NATO membership is connected with the improvement of the climate for the perpetration of entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine, in particular, and with the improvement of the international investment image of Ukraine.

As a result of joining NATO, Ukraine in the eyes of international investors losing status in post-Soviet countries ", with the entire set of stereotypical stamps for investors — corruption, crime, etc. Western investors believe that membership in Western institutions, notably NATO and the EU, promotes the standardization of economic rules, it is very important to them.

17. NATO membership has dramatically improve the prospects of Ukraine's accession to the EU.

18. Entry of Ukraine into NATO will contribute to marginalization of Ukraine, displacing it to the periphery of international policies and it would make her a hit under the external influence.

19. NATO has a number of "authoritative" members. In addition to the United States is Britain, France, Germany, Turkey. Based on the potential and value of Ukraine for European security, Ukraine, thanks to NATO membership, could well become one of influence and value with these countries, "jumped" several steps, which are necessary for the Decade.

20. NATO membership will allow Ukraine to become stronger and gain strength in a relatively "hothouse" favorable geopolitical conditions.

Problems of Ukraine's entry into NATO can be a total of six. Most of them are potential. As the experience of NATO accession countries of Central and Eastern Europe, most of them never materialize.

1. Ukraine will need to provide armed support to allies, if their territory is attacked in Europe, North America and the Atlantic Ocean to the North of the Tropic of cancer. However, so far no one risked NATO attack, even during the cold war.

2. Perhaps a slight increase in spending on defence in Ukraine, the achievement of lifting them from the current 1.4 per cent of GDP to a minimum of -2.0 1.7% of GDP (up to the level that exists in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary). Especially at the time of the preparation of Ukraine to NATO membership will be forced to respond to NATO'S requirement.

3. The cost of the membership of Ukraine in NATO'S budget, according to preliminary estimates, will remain within the framework of the assessment of Poland, that is about 40-50 million United States dollars per year.

4. Perhaps a temporary deterioration of relations with Russia and that Moscow would take a loss of prospects for the resumption of control over Ukraine. Possible movement on the part of Russia on the deployment on the borders of Ukraine new groups of armed forces and other security units.

However, the actual confrontation is unlikely, given the lack of motivation of the parties. In the modern world, with the current balance of power Russia could not win the war against the United States and NATO. At the same time, the United States and NATO to win in such a war can only be theoretical. "Won" the war with Russia was worth too much to United States and NATO have gone on such a risk and sacrifice.

Perhaps such a situation of balance of power and that it was inadvisable for both parties to direct military conflict will remain an average term (the next 10-15 years).

It is therefore possible (but optional) movement in Russia about placing on the borders with Ukraine, the new armed forces would have been just an empty demonstration "for Russian tv.

Indeed, Ukraine's entry into NATO would mean for our country to establish a much more powerful external stability than it was in the countries of Western Europe during the cold war.

5. The prospect of Ukraine's entry into NATO, Russia to halt stimulates beneficial for Ukraine cooperative ties with Russia. However, this took place from 1991 onwards, and mostly not directly due to the entry of Ukraine into NATO.

Such is the logic of conduct large States — Russia gradually increases "confined" cycles for the production of weapons in its territory. At the same time, cooperation with Russia in the industry of the MIC in the markets of third countries is seen as low, because it can be scaled only in respect of Soviet-made armoured vehicle upgrade market for third world countries.

This market is characterized by the fact that, owing to natural wear constantly decreases this kind of product.

6. A certain increase in terrorist threats against Ukraine that joining NATO is becoming a part of Europe. However, until now in NATO countries of Eastern and Central Europe, there was not a single terrorist attack since terrorist groups do not consider these countries as their actual enemies. Moreover, the terrorist threat is unlikely to be implemented in relation to Ukraine, which rightly acted against Muslims-Crimean Tatars.

Recently benefited from joining NATO has understood and Belarus. Its Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev said that "Ukraine's entry into NATO is not a minus, and vice versa. Ukraine may be useful for the work of Belarus with NATO ".

Today, despite the isolation, Belarus is a party to the partnership for peace programme, its units are taking part in NATO exercises. Belarus also has already said, that will come out of the agreement on the establishment of a Union State with Russia, if Moscow will fulfill the threat — will increase the price of gas to that country.

All of the above arguments in favour of accession of Ukraine to NATO are very simple and obvious. Not understand them, can only one who consciously wants to realize the right of the Ukrainian people to safety, or whoever is able to understand nothing.

There not talking, and complete idiots among Ukrainian politicians.

At the same time, consciously not want to the interests of the Ukrainian people in such a uniquely important sphere as that people's security is a long-term conservation of a real threat to the lives and well-being of people 47 0000 0000.


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