Erdogan promised to prove oil conspiracy in Russia and IG

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In response to a series of allegations from the Russian side, the Turkish leader accused Moscow in oil trade with the Islamic State. "

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that Ankara has evidence that Moscow is involved in the oil trade with the territories, kontroliruûŝihsâ grouping "Islamic State" (IG).

"We have proof. We'll show them to the world, "European media lead his words in Ankara.

He mentioned the name of one of the buyers of crude oil allegedly Syrian businessman George Hasvani, "which has a Russian passport," noted the newspaper.

In addition, Turkey's President Thursday called immoral accusation Russia that his family is involved in the supply of oil from the territories controlled by the terrorist group.

"The Immoral side of the problem is that this story was mentioned my family," he said.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Thursday also rejected Russia's accusations that Turkey buys oil from IG, calling them "a Soviet-style propaganda".

"During the cold war Soviet propaganda system existed. Vydumyvalas′ various lies, first believed in it themselves, then waited, to believe in the rest of the world. They were called a lie and fabrication "Truth".

Inherited from the Soviet Union, Russia quality that we after the cold war, over the past 20-25 years, like, managed to forget, one after the other. This deceitful pro-Soviet propaganda no one would trust, "the Prime Minister said.

Earlier that Russia has "irrefutable evidence" of involvement in Ankara to oil deliveries from the territories, kontroliruûŝihsâ "Islamic State," said the Russian Defense Ministry.

In addition, the climate summit in Paris on 30 November, President Vladimir Putin said that the decision to shoot down a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish AIR FORCE was motivated by the desire to ensure security of supply of oil produced by the fighters.

For its part, Recep Erdogan stated that he was ready to resign if allegations of buying oil from IG confirmed by Ankara.

As we have informed, earlier Thursday, Vladimir Putin has again accused Turkey of supporting terrorists and said that she would regret again "about his doings". Russia will not brandish weapons, but not tomatoes Turkey otdelaetsâ, Putin said.

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