Fox News: All the same checkers Putin, Ukrainian parallels in Syria and the need for decisive action Obama


Russia continues to demonstrate its military power, hitting on Syria. Apparently, Obama discouraged this intervention directly resembling, according to analysts, the invasion of Eastern Ukraine.

"It's just a Gemini-Russia-intervention efforts are very similar," said Fox News Joerg Forbrig, European political scientist and Director of the Foundation for democracy in Central and Eastern Europe in the German Marshall Fund.

A senior Russian Defense Ministry told Russian MEDIA this week that the military who participated in the conflict in the East of Ukraine, will now fight in Syria as "volunteers" of Government ground troops, it is reported by The New York Times.

The statement came amid escalating between the forces of Russia and NATO, caused by violations of Russian Jets air borders of Turkey.

Russia stated that focuses its airstrikes against the forces of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda connections. However, representatives of American authorities say that at least a few blows were inflicted on the rebels, who are fighting with the Government troops of Bashar Al-Assad.

Speaking to reporters at the United States AIR FORCE airbase in Spain in Morón de la Frontera, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that he could not confirm reports that Russian soldiers-volunteers are in Syria, but fears that this is actually the case.

"If this is true, then Russia commits in Syria, another big mistake," said Carter. "The lives of people who are going to come or already arrived there, are under direct threat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to boost implementation of its plans in Syria in life, despite efforts by the Obama administration aimed at de-escalation of the situation and the approval of the American President that Putin's actions are dictated by its weakness. " A senior American authorities said Fox News last week that Obama and Putin previously agreed the "conflict prevention" during military operations, but the Russian side has ignored this arrangement when start operation in Syria. To date, the United States and Russia did not resume debate on this complex topic.

Washington's response to the Russian invasion of Syria, according to some analysts, suggests that the aggressive actions of Putin again caught Obama by surprise.

"Given that our response was surprisingly awkward, I im not very satisfied," said the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of United States Steven Bucci FoxNews. "Russians openly caught us unawares and deploying troops in Syria, and the exchange of intelligence with the Iranian side, and capacity-building of the army and the aggression with which they conduct operations. None of these events had not received an adequate response. "

Steven Bucci warns this position hurts United States relations with the Sunni countries, such as Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and, apparently, will Iran and Russia dominate in military operations on the territory of Syria.

The escalation of geopolitical situation, secret use of ground troops and lack of intelligible response from Washington draw clear parallels with the actions of Russia in Eastern Ukraine after the fall of the regime of Viktor Yanukovich in the year 2014.

"In both cases Putin acted with unexpected force," said the former United States Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst Fox News. "It was clear that Washington disoriented when Putin had annexed the Crimea and invaded the Eastern Ukraine. It seems that and now Washington confused the actions of Putin in Syria. "

John Herbst added that the Obama administration must strongly respond to the Russian airstrikes in Syria, and send a serious warning to the enemies of America and supports messFoedž to its allies in the region. "The reaction of the Obama administration does not give Putin understand that play with the United States. If we don't answer, it exposes us "pussies". Theodore Roosevelt said: "we need to go quietly, but carry a big stick"-Unfortunately, Barack Obama seems to have this Council misunderstand something.

Joerg forbrig said: "the main difference of this situation is that Russia does not intend to occupy Syria. and wants to conquer the right to vote, in the settlement of this conflict. "

Steven Bucci, appealing to take a tougher stance against Russia, at the same time believes that the American administration did not have enough winning options.

"I think that at this point none of the answers that the Administration will consider, will not be good enough. It does not depend on who is in the White House. From the moment you sit in the Presidential seat, your options are limited, and none of your solutions will not be clearly acceptable, "says Bucci.

However, White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest told reporters in Tuesday, October 6, that tactical missteps are not America, and the Russian side: "I don't think President Putin is playing a game of chess, he plays checkers … Adopting tactical decision to ramp up their support for the Assad regime, Russia entered into a religious war, indeed, into the quagmire in which there is a whole set of risks for Russia's interests, not only in the Middle East region, but also at home.

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