Oleg Panfilov: hysteria in Russia-the former Pushcha

Propaganda is the charge for a day, month, year, and for some, and for life
Propaganda is the charge for a day, month, year, and for some, and for life

All about Turkey course, which for the past twenty years many Russians began to assume its

We went every year, and who and bought all sorts of products quality, which in her native Nizhny Tagil not find, frankly insulted me in restaurants and mat said on the streets, "Oleg Panfilov for Crimea. realities. The Turks suffered, money the Russians earned, knowing the old principle: we are a product, you are us dollars and euros. The truth is that last year, two Russian speech in Turkey diminished, signs in English are already almost gone, the Russians go along the streets of Istanbul in flocks, whisper exchanging words. And here is a whack, a new attack, native President Putin seem offended on Turkey. And here we go through the channels of propaganda-PURLs, škvorčit, carries the stink.

Recent years, and ten years exactly propaganda in Russia became not that misinformation, it has evolved into an important part of the everyday life of Russians. If you turn on the tv and hear something heartbreaking about intrigues of Kievan junta or pindosah, Russian and live is not interesting, and day went in vain.

Propaganda is the charge for a day, month, year, and for some, and for life. Putin knows about it and tries to live was more fun to live was interesting. With Ukraine-sladilos′, the Netherlands reminded all the time that the report on the table put on downed Malaysian Boeing, and here the Turks could not become. And it's not in the plane-Georgians for five days in the year 2008 already 12 shot down, and the Finns in 1939-40 and 640 altogether. As they say, would be a reason to poskandalit′, povrat′ and shout from the tv.

Without tv and the fridge does not need Russian-tv teaches in emergency situations and do not look into the fridge

Than the average Russian lives? Correctly, peering at two devices of household appliances-fridge and tv. Fridge gives food and energy tv charges on exploits. If little food in the fridge, a tv set instead of organic energy offsets will be emotional. Without tv and the fridge does not need Russian-tv teaches in emergency situations and do not look into the fridge and don't ask me again, staring at the ceiling: where is the food? Shower him in time explain that food is delayed due to objective circumstances-not all enemies are vanquished, the Russian State will need to be patient. And if unbearable, you can sing old revolutionary "and the bread in half.

If you recall the recent past, almost a hundred years "of the Soviet light", you can bring a huge number of examples where the spiritual has substituted organic. And about "bread" and "potato-tošku-tošku", and "gather mushrooms basket". Romantic Soviet citizens loved the fantastic "on Mars will be Apple Blossom", and if someone wanted to pull on clean water, to emphasize his passion for obžorstvu, which was above the spiritual, then called mal′čišom-plohišom-jar for preserves and for a packet of biscuits sold details of extreme importance for a brighter future and the execution of tasks of Marxism-Leninism. A retired man and a descendant of his Russian must live a spiritually rich, even if your refrigerator is already empty.

Once the Soviet people called tolerate Lenin, then Stalin, Brezhnev, a bit now. Former regulators patience was easier-citizens from oppressed by tsarism quickly became oppressed Marxism, not imagining that it is possible to live differently. Putin is much harder: the Russians have already tasted the shopping in Europe, the beaches of Antalya and Christmas walks along Piccadilly. Convince them to abandon the usual habits in a short time is hard, but it skillfully — you can. You only have to turn on the tv and persistently louder every day, hour and minute to explain that you have Putin wants it all away and cursed, and now pindosy. That's not Onishchenko tells how each Turkish tomatoes is contained lies charge for deadly missiles, while Prime Minister Davutoglu shoves in TNT and hexogen tomatoes.

The average Russian is prepared to fight for its emptiness, its fridge you can bring to the Turkish Embassy, give a handful of stones and say: two broken Windows in the Embassy-and in your dream you dream about Russian happiness and two kilograms of selected Magadan tomatoes. And Russian launches revenge-bash, beat, yell, urinate in doorways, trampling flags of foreign countries. He seems to be that the stronger he will yell, so somewhere in the Kremlin, Putin wider smile and kivnet head-like, well done, the Russians have become the same obedient, like 50-60 years ago.

What makes Russian, coming home after smashing Windows in Turkish Embassy? Properly, switch on the tv and then looks at the tv-not inside, and on it, admiring the matte sheen of shabby door and thick rumbling for nothing working motor. Russian watches tv and sees herself-desperately fighting with Turkish glass, and his soul fills with pride in their great, arising from the tribes of the country. And for their President is such a tender, such native, who nods his head, as if comforting Russians: you are so spiritually rich, that you don't need Polish apples and Turkish tomatoes, French cheese and Spanish smoked ham. He convinces that Hamon is not spiritual, Russian spiritual is shards of window glass and slogans that pindosy and their minions do not give live a simple Russian.

The days of moral training Russians to universal hatred were successful-the whole country watched with bated breath as dump trucks and trucks, which brought boxes of food to landfill and bulldozers frantically pressed juicy peaches. Older Russians remembered as comrades from the KGB pyres burned discs with the Beatles and cassettes with LedZeppelin as tore bright magazines and cursed the subtle gentle tights, fished on the streets of MOD and cut them with bright ties. No bulldozers products-from the KGB-controlled life, such a rite invented at Lubyanka-arousal of hatred toward others and his subsequent destruction of the majority of the envy and rage cursed products that could not allow itself.

Russian switches channel, and from the report of the destruction of the products shall pass to the debate about how much hankering lives in those same products-from Bacillus and germs from intestinal sticks to pesticides and herbicides. If the Russians were told that in fruits and vegetables bastards-French and the rascals-Italians hid nukes, then ten minutes of explanation on tv-and all would believe. Hysteria lives in almost every family, every Russian home and apartment.

Turn on tv-and from there hurtles again: "we need to reset an atomic bomb at Istanbul» (Vladimir Zhirinovsky)," remember how our bomber flew over a u.s. destroyer after that crazy a few dozen American sailors? (Aleksey Podberezkin), "Erdogan is Turkish Hitler, yes he is worse than Hitler!" (Vladimir Zhirinovsky), "has nothing to recommend us! You first in Paris make you there not blown up in broad daylight, and then consult us! " (Yevgeny Satanovsky), "Hitler had many friends-and their number is growing all the time, until Stalin all on Noggin not nadaval" (Boris Nadezhdin), today Turkey not just joined with terrorists, and acted on their side "(Sergei Shargunov), the names of the Turkish military, the perpetrators of this crime will be installed, and sooner or later they will suffer honored Kara" (Igor Korotchenko).

If I had listened to like every day, I have an appetite vanished would not from fear, but from the realization that there are so many crazy people. The situation is changing slowly, but is in favor of the fridge. According to a study by the Foundation for public opinion ", the share of Russians who speak about the economic crisis in the country, rose to 72 percent from 68 percent in August. While 15% think that there's no crisis in Russia (17% in August). Assessing their financial situation, 38 percent of Russians said that means they have enough clothes, and big appliances, another 27% have money for food, but not on clothes. The share of those who do not have enough money for food-14% and 9% in August.

With the recent Soviet times the population produced resistant independence from economic information. Before the population depended on nothing-neither quality sausage, nor the size of the queue for buckwheat. This attitude has survived so far: Russian can for a few hours to discuss "combat power" of his army, but not to pay attention to what is happening in the economy.

Russian can spend hours talking about how important it is to stand up from their knees, but not wanting to look into official statistics that look dramatically: imports in January-October was down compared to the same period last year by 32.1 per cent, export-32.1%. Import from foreign countries: food decreased by 36.5 percent, machine-building products at 36.4, shoes-34.4 per cent. Passenger airlines for 10 months of the year 2015 fell by 3.8 per cent. Russia exports to Turkey amounts to 22 billion dollars, of which about half is oil and gas. Imports to Russia from Turkey-6 billion, food makes up 1 billion. Who will be demanded, not even worth discussing.

And, finally, a little more about your tv, which in Russia is more like a eunuch-like information as a source of information, but so nepravdiv and impotenten, that the Russians, for example, will never hear such a comparison. NATO, which so are afraid in the Kremlin, created in 1949 year. The CSTO, a post-Soviet NATO alternative as in 1992 year. The CSTO are 6 countries whose armies are, to put it mildly, cannot constitute a threat. In recent years, from three countries of CSTO. 28 countries are in NATO, another five become members in the near future. Military capabilities of these countries several times superior to Russian, and some types of weapons is ten or more.

You will never hear on Russian television-otherwise you'll never believe what your empty fridge not because Americans are evil and bad Europeans, Russians simply live in a nation where tv determines how two important body must operate inhabitants "great country"-brain and the rectum. While increasingly busy brain gyrus.

Crimea. Realities

Oleg Panfilov, nv.ua

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