Putin repeats passages


February became a month once the restructuring of Russia's relations with the outside world. In January you could still talk in the genre of "Putinopât′vsehpereigral" and repeat that our power, like the other or not, became a key member of a world coalition against GAM and, therefore, can claim for himself the prize from Western players. In the first place — in the form of a lifting of the sanctions imposed last year.

And suddenly everything changed like lightning hands. Our State just today revels in, listing and uličaâ all new and new enemies.

The talking head of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova explained Ban Ki-moon that he violated the proper rules of conduct for UN Secretary-General, saying that Russian airstrikes in Syria have led to the failure of the Geneva peace talks.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov instructs Angela Merkel, advising her to do only responsibly and not to speculate "about the alleged casualties as a result of air strikes by Russian air and space forces."

A chorus of propagandists on all frets repeats unverified and probably strongly advance developments post CNN about some 150 thousands of fighters ' Islamic Coalition (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain, and eventually even Malaysia and Indonesia), who supposedly is about "will enter Syria from the North, by Turkey. However, some credibility attached to the urgently arranged talks Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia with the American Secretary of State, during which the first and indeed threatened to enter the fight in Swat, and the second truth? motioned.

And finally, Turkey. Tayyip Erdogan remarks about Russia and Vladimir Putin, until recently a very neat, stylistically and now have become indistinguishable from Putin's remarks is meaningful about Erdogan and Turkey. The prospect of the opening of the Turks in Syria clearly ceases to be an abstract.

The reason for such a dramatic change that on the fifth month of participation in this war, the Russian forces (together with the Iranians, Hezbollah and Bashar Al-Assad) first achieved real success, took in the ring of Aleppo and lead battles near the Turkish border.

While in Moscow, apparently, and did not anticipate the incremental international complications, but the rest of the conflict participants responded to the intensifying hostilities rapid rallying against Russia. Of course, the newest anti-Russian Coalition exists so far only lip service. But even this is impressive.

Putin again managed to unite against a multitude of those who at least don't care for each other, or just hates.

Let me remind you that the last time, in 2014, this too happened simultaneously. Who could have imagined that the European Union is all such slack, razdergannyj, trusovatyj and avid money-agree to enter real anti-Russian sanctions? At the initial stage of the crisis there was not even thought about it. The first, postkrymskij, package of sanctions was almost symbolic. To shake and to unite Europe and America against Moscow, needed a stronger tool-draft DNI-LNR, whose promotion and summer 2014-th second sanctions package is already serious enough.

The Syrian operation rescue in addition to Putin, Assad's regime, was to involve Western and local opponents of the IG (a banned terrorist organization on the territory of the Russian Federation — ed.) in certain common actions with Russia and to divert attention from the fact that our deržavniki is called "drain of Novorossiya. And thus give the Europeans a good opportunity to do what they like to sincerely believe in the Kremlin, are not in vain — to cancel if not the first, so at least the second package of sanctions.

However, everything went according to plan. Rescue Assad came into irreconcilable conflict with the other objectives of the operation. It is achievable only through a new round of bloody war and only in alliance with Iran and Hezbollah. But Iran and Hizbullah — mortal enemies of most of the regional players, and a new outbreak of war, the Middle East and the growing participation of nuclear power resulted in a confusion of world players.

This expected like preservation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in conjunction with her "New" outlet halay still enter a crucial phase, and more recently fashion reasoning Western officials about the proximity of the lifting of sanctions have already been replaced by exasperated reproaches and accusations against Moscow, raznomasštabnymi military manoeuvres from Jordan to Finland and hastily strengthened calls NATO'S perimeter.

"The Islamic Coalition" — until something abstract, but Saudi Arabia and its allies may, and in fact managed to solve their tasks-at least the Yemeni front. And if so, their involvement in the ground offensive is officially against GAM, but in fact also against Assad, and therefore those who rescues — can become a reality.

Assuming, of course, that this operation will be closed down and to authorize United States. That is by no means guaranteed, despite all the flashy decisiveness of American statements. President Obama is afraid of international conflicts and trying to shrink from them. But the event stream can also captivate the White House, as he had already captured the Kremlin.

So much so that international legitimacy of Russia's actions in Syria, apparently ceases to be evident and in the eyes of the UN leadership. And this is a major trump card for public opinion in Western countries.

If Russia's participation in the Syrian war, more reminiscent of a ground offensive, and in fact would face parallel to the ground operation, the emerging Coalition protivorossijskoj, then no one does not seem little.

Logically, now is the time to allow save face way retreat. That's just the familiar Kremlin tools for this poorly suited. Putin has in fact just wanted to through Syrian escapades to get rid of the consequences of the escapades of Donbass. But the repetition of the moves resulted in that one instead of the impasse now power rests in two.

Sergei Shelin


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