Turkey accused Russia for the deaths of 600 civilians in Syria


The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that when Russian aircraft avaiudarah on the territory of Syria killed more than 600 civilians. According to him, 150 of them children. Cavusoglu, said 200 people were killed in the bombing in the province of Idlib 20 December.

Mevlut cavusoglu said that Russia is in most cases not strikes on "Islamic State" and the rebels opposing President Bashar Al-Assad.

20 December airstrikes were inflicted on the city of Idlib, which is controlled by armed rebels. The blows were to the lively market square in the center of the city, public buildings and residential areas. As reported by Reuters, presumably targeting the Russian air force.

Russia carries out operation in Syria with 30 September. RUSSIA has repeatedly accused that its aviation bombarding civilian populations; the Russian authorities deny this. 24 November, Turkish AIR FORCE shot down a Russian bomber that reportedly Turks violated their airspace. In Russia claim that this Turkish aircraft had strayed into Turkey to shoot down the plane.



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