Turkey can show "itself off mother Russia, closing the Bosporus for oil tankers, Potter


Turkey has powerful economic trumps confrontation between Russia, in particular, the ability to influence oil exports through the Bosporus.

This on UKRLIFE. TV energy expert Mikhail Gonchar.

"The movement of oil tankers from the port of Novorossiysk through the Bosporus to Russia is critical. About a third of Russia's oil exports on the world market comes from Black Sea ports. First and foremost is the Novorossiysk ", he said.
Although the waters of the Bosphorus and is officially international, Turkey has the levers of influence on traffic through the Strait is a special administration of the Bosphorus can regulate traffic for security reasons because Strait is actually located in the Centre of Istanbul, where any accident could endanger millions of people.
"Turkey can even show mother Russia itself, if you limit the traffic of oil tankers through the Bosporus," Potter said.

According to him, now is the perfect time to introduce such restrictions under the pretext of bad weather conditions from November to March the southwestern sector of the Black Sea is extremely unfavourable to navigation because of fog and rain.
Also can be used as a pretext, the threat of a terrorist attack on a tanker, Potter added.



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