Pentagon: Turkey's involvement in oil trade with IG-lie


United States Defense Ministry do not have any evidence of involvement of Turkey to purchase oil from terrorists "Islamic State" (the Arabic name DAIŠ, is prohibited in the Russian Federation) in Syria and reject the accusations against the leadership of Turkey's involvement in the business.

Earlier, the Chief of the operational management of the armed forces of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION Sergei Rudskoy said that after crossing Syria with Turkey tank "Islamic State" with oil going in ports and ships are sent for recycling in third countries. As evidence of the Defense Ministry at a briefing presented satellite images, which, according to the Russian military fuel convoys are depicted from the IG-controlled territories in Turkey.

"We reject the assumption that the Turkish Government is in cahoots with GAM to smuggle oil. We have not seen any evidence to support such charges, "said RIA Novosti spokesman for the Pentagon, Elissa Smith.

"Moreover, Turkey has taken steps to enhance the security of its border with Syria, together with international partners. Our goal here is to cut off smuggling (oil) IG ", — said the representative office.

"We consider our NATO ally Turkey as a key partner in the coalition against IG. As with all our other partners, and as the President (United States) today in Paris, we continue to discuss with Turkey, what else they can do within the Coalition, and how we can better work together to ensure victory over GAM, "she added.

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