United States expressed willingness of Turkey to close its border with Syria


Turkey agrees to completely close its border with Syria to prevent the illegal transportation of oil and the movement of militants. On this in Wednesday, December 2, said United States Secretary of State John Kerry, RIA Novosti reports.

"Turkey is interested in how to stop the movement of illegally transported oil or close path movement of foreign fighters in both directions," he told reporters in Brussels.

According to him, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to do so. "We will work together on this, we are going to undertake the necessary consultations between our military to do it," said Kerry.

Secretary of State of the United States noted that it was necessary to close the 98-km stretch of the border. "We will work with them to understand how to combine the efforts of coa[контингента]lition aircraft, and Turkish forces present on the ground and the opposition forces to secure the area. I'm sure it will happen, "he said.

30 November, Erdogan said that ujdetv resignation, if confirmed information on his country's oil purchases from the international terrorist group "Islamic State" (IG). Earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by the Turkish AIR FORCE to protect oil supplies from IG.

November 24 F-16 fighters of the Turkish AIR FORCE attacked and shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber who took part in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. According to the version of Ankara, the aircraft in question violated the air borders of Turkey. In Moscow said that the bomber was Syrian territory only.

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