Turkey was able to break Putin-he scared


This is stated in the article Polish Nesweek. The article noted that Russian propaganda often portrayed NATO as "a bunch of cowardly losers."

But downed Russian plane member country of the Alliance destroys this myth. Therefore, Putin was obliged to state that does not forgive the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and will not allow the Turks to go against Russia's interests.

"Every year, Putin during speech frightens some enemy. He performed his role of NATO, then Ukraine and Russian opposition. And now the time has come to Turkey. The Russian President could not remember a downed bomber in the speech. This was a personal slap in the face for him, "the article says.
In connection with the new "sanctions" by war, this time already with Turkey, Russia is increasingly immersed in isolation, and the Russian leader creates a false image of a self-sufficient country, but at the same time, he understands that for several years his country will not be able to create anything to fully cover the Western sanctions.

But anger on Turkey, plans for foreign policy, Putin announced during his annual address to the Federal Assembly.
"Instead, he made a symbolic statement of supposedly the beginning of reforms, which should make Russia self-sufficient. He promised an amnesty for the derived offshore capital, but it was a very symbolic statement. Last year, Putin also promised such an amnesty, but it's not made by Russian oligarchs to transfer money from Cyprus and other "tax heavens" in Russia, "the paper says.

Was announced and another pustoslovnoe promise-the intention to fight corruption and reduce pressure on business. And completed his speech Putin call "for unity". And this, according to browser, revealed that the Russian President actually scared.
"Typically, in the past, his speech before the Federal Assembly were similar to the bahval′tstvo revival of Empire. Now, the rhetoric has changed to another thesis: "we will, if all are against us".

Putin cannot lie further to the Russians that everything in the country well when they feel themselves that military adventures in Ukraine and Syria too costly for Russia's economy, which continues to weaken. Therefore nothing more remains, as to assure Russians that everything will be fine if they will rally around their leader. And he kind of knows what he's doing, "summarised in a material.


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