Turkmenistan announced Gazprom insolvent


Turkmenistan announced Gazprom insolvent due to the fact that Russian gas company since the beginning of the year 2015 has not paid the debts of the State company "Turkmengas" for natural gas.

The reason, according to the Government of Turkmenistan, steel sanctions against Russia and the global economic crisis. The statement formally published on the website the Government of the country.

Previously Deputy Director of the Institute of oil and gas "Caspian Sea inevitable?" Annadurdy Meretgel′diev called Gazprom "unstable partner." Russia and its gas concern commitments to invest in the construction of a Turkmenistan-Caspian gas pipeline and a gas pipeline "Vostok-zapad", but had not fulfilled them. In addition, he said, Gazprom reduced purchases of Turkmen gas unnecessarily.

In February, the Vice-Chairman of Russian Gazprom Alexander Medvedev said the company reduces the purchase of gas in Central Asia. While in Turkmenistan purchase reduced from 10 to 4 billion cubic meters.

Turkmenistan is one of the participants of the southern gas corridor to Europe through Turkey, for which the Caspian Sea plans to build a trans-Caspian gas pipeline linking Turkmenistan with Azerbaijan. For the southern gas corridor fuel from the Caspian States should be supplied to Europe, bypassing Russia. The project is hindered by a lack of agreement on the legal status of the Caspian Sea.

The construction of this gas pipeline is discussed since the late 1990 's. Under him in 1999 year Turkish Botas even entered into a contract with "Turkmengazom" a contract for the purchase of 15.6 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year. But construction has not yet started to pipe-country cannot determine the territorial status of the Caspian Sea, reminiscent of the "vedomosti".

Output of Turkmen gas to the Turkish market unprofitable Gazprom. Turkey annually consumes around 45 billion cubic meters. m of gas, of which Gazprom delivers 27 billion cubic meters. m. Gazprom expects to increase supply, including through Turkish flow. "



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