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Kamran Agayev: two of the casket or how to get along on Syria and the Crimea "folk heroes"

The adoption of the Turkish leadership decision to block access to Twitter with "understanding" hailed at home and abroad, because it is in social networks in December 2013 year had posted material, damning premiere Erdogan and four of his ministers in bribery and corruption.

However, Erdogan, as a skilled demagogue, trying to convince her, not very educated, electorate trying to name-calling and his Government-led proislamistskoj of the justice and development party, as well as in a conspiracy from abroad. In numerous meetings on the occasion of the election of 30 March local elections he repeated threats to eradicate social networks and urged the Court to put an end to what he described as a spiritual and mental exploitation of his people. At the last rally of 20 March, Erdogan noted that a similar fate awaits the Facebook and YouTube and stated that he could care less about the response of the international community.

Whether this situation reminds Russia, where Putin, who no longer care about world opinion, as his Turkish colleague, their provorovavšihsâ "faithful companions," the roots of evil sees outside Russia tightens policy on independent media and social networks?

A number of objective factors and subjective reasons, the similarity of the electorate, power, rejection of opposition, hatred of the West, imperial aspirations and authoritarian methods of the reign of Putin and Erdogan its countries suggests that the Kremlin King-President and Turkish Islamist-manipulator is truly twins-brothers. When opposing positions on Syria and recent events in Crimea, these anti-democratic figures named official propagandami two countries folk heroes, nevertheless, remain natural-born kon″ûnkturŝikami.

As you know, Putin is one of the strongest backers of the regime b. Assad, virtually the only remaining ally in the Middle East. R. Erdogan, however, is one of the fiercest of his adversaries and parties antiasadovskogo the so-called International Alliance "Friends of Syria", not recognized by Moscow. Meanwhile, the Russian leadership from the very beginning of the Syrian conflict seeks not to sacrifice the mutually beneficial up a multi-billion economic and energy cooperation with Turkey because of political controversies. It showed and 4-th meeting of the Russian-Turkish cooperation Council Summit in November of the year 2013, during which Putin tried to push differences over Syria. Created a strange situation: sharply criticizing the reactionary Arab regimes, coupled with disparate Islamist factions in aggression against Syria Moscow, how would not notice the Turkey podderžavšuû this aggression and actually rejoined to the sinister company.

Ankara, for its part, cautious enough in question behaves on the Crimea, with whom Turkey has longstanding historical ties. To demonstrate "its weight" in the region is arranged minindel Turkey travel show in Kiev on March 1 and reception in Ankara, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people m. Dzhemilev, published a statement of recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. All this, as well as showing documentaries on Turkish television on bitter destiny "Tatar Crimean Turks" is nothing more than "propaganda" for internal wiring and external consumption. In addition, using the situation, Islamist Erdogan to divert attention from internal problems, shows that it is not alien to the Turkic solidarity, never a priority of its ideology.

Serious researchers inside and outside the country have no doubts that Erdogan and his Entourage for the sake of Tatars do not enter "red line" in relations with Moscow on the issue of Crimea. And the reason is not only in the economic and energy components. Putin needs Erdogan of 3,729 in Syrian trap like no other. If the regime in Damascus as a result, there is a change, it is likely that the current leadership of Turkey is not just going to come out of this situation without losing face. In so doing, it will hardly help "allies" of the Arab States Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among which, by the way, there was a major split, as on the Syrian and Egyptian concerns that Boomerang has Ankara. In these circumstances, one hope for Russia is Ukraine's largest economic partner and, at the same time, an ally of Syria.

Thus, weakening domestically because of corruption scandals and failures in Arabic the direction of the current regime in Ankara trying to recover on the opposite vector, mimicking the movement of declared earlier, the notorious Islamic solidarity to Turkic and without disturbing the balance in relations with Russia.

One of the main causes of the observed over the past years Russian-Turkish rapprochement at different levels, including personal, is the actual identity of the official rate in both countries. On the essence and orientation of the "neo-ottomanism" Erdogan is akin to "rising from their knees". After all, like Putin, and the present leadership of Turkey, creating the illusion of recoverability of the former imperial power, successfully gaining the votes of a significant, though not very advanced part of the electorate. Until recently, this factor, along with socio-political and religious demagoguery, which is fluent in Erdogan, provided enough strong positions of his party inside the country.

However, recent developments in Turkey and abroad, particularly in the region, have demonstrated that preached by Erdogan and the ideology of the "new osmanizma" proved to be a chimera and has ended in a fiasco. Is not an exaggeration to say that Turkey in fact proved to have "disappointed"-u "neo-osmanizma" turned out to be the same end as osmanizma the beginning of the 20th century. Flaunting the fact that the country has ceased to be obedient to the will of the United States and Western Explorer, Ankara had lost its strategic allies one after the other, without purchasing new friends instead, except for Russia. According to many experts, the local elections in Turkey on March 30 would result in serious losses for the ruling party that could mark the beginning of the end of an era.
As far as Russia is concerned, there is every reason to, especially after the accession of Crimea, to assume that Putin awaits the fate of Erdogan. The truth unlike Turkish counterpart, whose work "for the benefit of the people" highlighted the traditionally strong opposition, Putin until it encounters serious internal resistance. When the similarity of leaders, Turkish and Russian society vary greatly from each other. Russia historically and mentally not yet ready to critically evaluate their leaders, be they Kings or Presidents, Secretaries-General. On the contrary, the majority of the population applauds "collector of Russian lands" Putin that only reveals the moral degree of Russian society. However, increasing divisions within the country, it is inevitable that can escalate and dissension among the elite.

In conclusion, it should be noted that such personalities as Erdogan and Putin are objective raising the symbiosis of neo-imperialist and hegemonic interests defined, conservatively tuned part of society of their countries, which haunt the thoughts of the past Imperial grandeur. The problem is not so much with different degree of penetration of Imperial society as in Microbe the ability to overcome it. As illustrated by developments in Turkish society, despite Erdogan's resourcefulness is cured, it is much faster than the Russian. In Russia, there is such a force, which is able to protect her from "folk heroes" to encourage great power and build a normal, democratic country? That is the question.

Kamran Agayev

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